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 package com.googlecode.junittoolbox;
An extension of the WildcardPatternSuite runner, which executes its children classes concurrently. You can specify the maximum number of parallel test threads using the system property maxParallelTestThreads. If this system property is not specified, the maximum number of test threads will be the number of available processors. You can either explicitly list the children classes using the @SuiteClasses annotation provided by JUnit itself, like this:
     public class AllFrontendTests {}
Or you can specify a wildcard pattern using the @SuiteClasses annotation provided by JUnit Toolbox:
     public class AllFrontendTests {}
Note: Even if a test class annotated with @RunWith(ParallelSuite.class) has a child class, which is also annotated with @RunWith(ParallelSuite.class) or with @RunWith(ParallelRunner.class), there will never be more test threads than specified (or the number of available processors), because ParallelSuite and ParallelRunner share a singleton fork join pool.
public class ParallelSuite extends WildcardPatternSuite {
    public ParallelSuite(Class<?> klassRunnerBuilder builderthrows InitializationError {
        setScheduler(new ParallelScheduler());
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