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  * limitations under the License.

This abstract class implements both the older FTPFileListParser and newer FTPFileEntryParser interfaces with default functionality. All the classes in the parser subpackage inherit from this. This is the base class for all regular expression based FTPFileEntryParser classes

Steve Cohen <>
 public abstract class RegexFTPFileEntryParserImpl extends
         FTPFileEntryParserImpl {
internal pattern the matcher tries to match, representing a file entry
     private Pattern pattern = null;

internal match result used by the parser
     private MatchResult result = null;

Internal PatternMatcher object used by the parser. It has protected scope in case subclasses want to make use of it for their own purposes.
     protected Matcher _matcher_ = null;

The constructor for a RegexFTPFileEntryParserImpl object.

regex The regular expression with which this object is initialized.
IllegalArgumentException Thrown if the regular expression is unparseable. Should not be seen in normal conditions. It it is seen, this is a sign that a subclass has been created with a bad regular expression. Since the parser must be created before use, this means that any bad parser subclasses created from this will bomb very quickly, leading to easy detection.
     public RegexFTPFileEntryParserImpl(String regex) {

Convenience method delegates to the internal MatchResult's matches() method.

s the String to be matched
true if s matches this object's regular expression.
     public boolean matches(String s) {
         this. = null;
          = .matcher(s);
         if (.matches()) {
             this. = .toMatchResult();
         return null != this.;

Convenience method

the number of groups() in the internal MatchResult.
     public int getGroupCnt() {
         if (this. == null) {
            return 0;
        return this..groupCount();

Convenience method delegates to the internal MatchResult's group() method.

matchnum match group number to be retrieved
the content of the matchnum'th group of the internal match or null if this method is called without a match having been made.
    public String group(int matchnum) {
        if (this. == null) {
            return null;

For debugging purposes - returns a string shows each match group by number.

a string shows each match group by number.
    public String getGroupsAsString() {
        StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder();
        for (int i = 1; i <= this..groupCount(); i++) {
            b.append(i).append(") ").append(
        return b.toString();

Alter the current regular expression being utilised for entry parsing and create a new Pattern instance.

regex The new regular expression
PatternSyntaxException if the regex cannot be compiled
    public boolean setRegex(String regex) {
        try {
             = Pattern.compile(regex);
            return true;
        } catch (PatternSyntaxException pse) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Unparseable regex supplied: "
                    + regex);
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