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The TelnetNotificationHandler interface can be used to handle notification of options negotiation commands received on a telnet session.

The user can implement this interface and register a TelnetNotificationHandler by using the registerNotificationHandler() of TelnetClient to be notified of option negotiation commands.

Bruno D'Avanzo
public interface TelnetNotificationHandler
The remote party sent a DO command.
    public static final int RECEIVED_DO =   1;

The remote party sent a DONT command.
    public static final int RECEIVED_DONT = 2;

The remote party sent a WILL command.
    public static final int RECEIVED_WILL = 3;

The remote party sent a WONT command.
    public static final int RECEIVED_WONT = 4;

The remote party sent a COMMAND.

    public static final int RECEIVED_COMMAND = 5;

Callback method called when TelnetClient receives an command or option negotiation command

negotiation_code - type of (negotiation) command received (RECEIVED_DO, RECEIVED_DONT, RECEIVED_WILL, RECEIVED_WONT, RECEIVED_COMMAND)

option_code - code of the option negotiated, or the command code itself (e.g. NOP).

    public void receivedNegotiation(int negotiation_codeint option_code);
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