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css.applier.list.noimage=No Image found for list with image provider, trying without.
customcontext.404=No custom context found.
customcontext.404.continue=Required context of %s not found, continuing with less functionality.
exc.img.notconverted=Could not convert location to path for [%s] as src parameter.
html.tag.a.external=Creating a www link to %s
html.tag.a.local=Creating a local goto link to %s
html.tag.a.setlocal=Setting local destination for %s
html.tag.a.spacehack=Trying to set local destination %s with space hack.
html.tag.h.create=Creating bookmark on %s
html.tag.h.diabled=Autobookmarking disabled, unable to find custom context to define enabled/disabled.
html.tag.img.failedretrieve=Failed retrieving image from %s continue without image.
html.tag.img.try=Trying to use image from %s could not be parsed to css, proceeding without.
html.tag.list=Using image as list symbol from %s
html.tag.list.failed=Failed retrieving image from %s, continuing without.
html.tag.meta.404=No charset detected from metatag, using %s (if null it's jvm default). charset %s from meta tag, using detected charset. Content could not be parsed, proceeding without. Enable Trace logging to see css.
html.tag.table.colspan=Cell Colspan: %d
pipeline.autodoc.missingdep=AutoDocPipeline depends on PdfWriterPipeline.
pipeline.html.missingstack=Could not find stack for %s.
pipeline.html.noimageprovider=NoImageProvider for %s.
pipeline.owncontextmissing=%s cries, it cannot find it's own context.
pipeline.pdfwriter.elemnotadded=Failed to add %s element to the document, no exception was thrown.
pipeline.pdfwriter.elemnotaddedexc=Adding to document threw exception, I've swallowed it to try and finish a document.
retrieve.file.from=Retrieving file from href %s
retrieve.file.from.nothing=Nothing provided to read.
tag.invalidnesting=Invalid nested tag %s found, expected closing tag %s.
tag.noprocessor=No TagProcessor found for %s.
tag.nosibling=No sibling found for %s on relative position %d.
unsupported.charset=The detected Character Set is not supported by this system.
unsupported.clone=Cloning of %s not supported
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