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 package com.j256.ormlite.db;

Derby database type information used to create the tables, etc.. This is for client connections to a remote Derby server. For embedded databases, you should use DerbyEmbeddedDatabaseType.

 public class DerbyClientServerDatabaseType extends DerbyEmbeddedDatabaseType implements DatabaseType {
	private final static String DRIVER_CLASS_NAME = "org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver";
	private final static String DATABASE_NAME = "Derby Client/Server";
	public boolean isDatabaseUrlThisType(String urlString dbTypePart) {
		if (!.equals(dbTypePart)) {
			return false;
		// jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/MyDbTest;create=true';
		String[] parts = url.split(":");
		return (parts.length >= 3 && parts[2].startsWith("//"));
	public String getDatabaseName() {
		return ;
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