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 package com.fasterxml.jackson.core;

Enumeration that defines legal encodings that can be used for JSON content, based on list of allowed encodings from JSON specification.

Note: if application want to explicitly disregard Encoding limitations (to read in JSON encoded using an encoding not listed as allowed), they can use / instances as input

public enum JsonEncoding {
    UTF8("UTF-8"false), // N/A for big-endian, really
    protected final String _javaName;
    protected final boolean _bigEndian;
    JsonEncoding(String javaNameboolean bigEndian)
         = javaName;
         = bigEndian;

Method for accessing encoding name that JDK will support.

Matching encoding name that JDK will support.
    public String getJavaName() { return ; }

Whether encoding is big-endian (if encoding supports such notion). If no such distinction is made (as is the case for UTF8), return value is undefined.

True for big-endian encodings; false for little-endian (or if not applicable)
    public boolean isBigEndian() { return ; }
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