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 package com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.deser.impl;
Class that encapsulates details of value injection that occurs before deserialization of a POJO. Details include information needed to find injectable value (logical id) as well as method used for assigning value (setter or field)
public class ValueInjector
    extends BeanProperty.Std
Identifier used for looking up value to inject
    protected final Object _valueId;
    public ValueInjector(String propertyNameJavaType type,
            Annotations contextAnnotationsAnnotatedMember mutator,
            Object valueId)
         = valueId;
    public Object findValue(DeserializationContext contextObject beanInstance)
        return context.findInjectableValue(thisbeanInstance);
    public void inject(DeserializationContext contextObject beanInstance)
        throws IOException
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