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 package org.antlr.stringtemplate;

When group files derive from another group, we have to know how to load that group and its supergroups. This interface also knows how to load interfaces.
 public interface StringTemplateGroupLoader {
Load the group called groupName from somewhere. Return null if no group is found.
	public StringTemplateGroup loadGroup(String groupName);

Load a group with a specified superGroup. Groups with region definitions must know their supergroup to find templates during parsing.
	public StringTemplateGroup loadGroup(String groupName,
										 StringTemplateGroup superGroup);

Specify the template lexer to use for parsing templates. If null, it assumes angle brackets <...>.
	public StringTemplateGroup loadGroup(String groupName,
										 Class templateLexer,
										 StringTemplateGroup superGroup);

Load the interface called interfaceName from somewhere. Return null if no interface is found.
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