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 package com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation;
Marker annotation that can be used to define a non-static method as a "setter" or "getter" for a logical property (depending on its signature), or non-static object field to be used (serialized, deserialized) as a logical property.

Default value ("") indicates that the field name is used as the property name without any modifications, but it can be specified to non-empty value to specify different name. Property name refers to name used externally, as the field name in JSON objects.

public @interface JsonProperty
Special value that indicates that handlers should use the default name (derived from method or field name) for property.

    public final static String USE_DEFAULT_NAME = "";

Defines name of the logical property, i.e. JSON object field name to use for the property. If value is empty String (which is the default), will try to use name of the field that is annotated. Note that there is no default name available for constructor arguments, meaning that Empty String is not a valid value for constructor arguments.
    String value() default ;

Property that indicates whether a value (which may be explicit null) is expected for property during deserialization or not. If expected, BeanDeserialized should indicate this as a validity problem (usually by throwing an exception, but this may be sent via problem handlers that can try to rectify the problem, for example, by supplying a default value).

Note that as of 2.0, this property is NOT used by BeanDeserializer: support is expected to be added for a later minor version.

    boolean required() default false;
    /* NOTE: considering of adding ability to specify default
     * String value -- would work well for scalar types, most of
     * which can coerce from Strings. But won't add for 2.0 yet.
    //String defaultValue() default "";
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