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 package org.jruby.ast;
 import java.util.List;
This is not a node in the classic sense in that it has no defined or interpret method which can be called. It just stores the position of the literal and the name/value of the literal. We made it a node so that the parser needs to work less hard in its productions. dynamic literals are nodes and by having literals also be nodes means they have a common subtype which is not Object.
public class LiteralNode extends Node implements InvisibleNode {
    private String name;
    public LiteralNode(Token token) {
        this. = (Stringtoken.getValue();
    public String getName() {
        return ;

Accept for the visitor pattern.

iVisitor the visitor
    public Object accept(NodeVisitor iVisitor) {
        return iVisitor.visitLiteralNode(this);
    public List<NodechildNodes() {
        return ;
    public NodeType getNodeType() {
        return .;
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