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To get information about all phases of executing a compiler pass. Note: Any data you retrieve may be later mutated by other tasks. If you care about persistent state it is up to you to clone that information. Also Note, if you clone remember this will affect time it takes for passes to run since these callbacks are synchronously executed in the compiler pass logic.
public interface CompilerPassListener {
This dependent pass has been determined to already be satisfied and is not going to call execute().
    public void alreadyExecuted(CompilerPass passClassIRScope scopeObject databoolean childScope);

This pass is about to begin execute'ing.

    public void startExecute(CompilerPass passIRScope scopeboolean childScope);
This pass has just finished execute'ing. data is the result it is returning.
    public void endExecute(CompilerPass passIRScope scopeObject databoolean childScope);
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