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 package com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation;
Annotation that can be used to either suppress serialization of properties (during serialization), or ignore processing of JSON properties read (during deserialization).


 // to prevent specified fields from being serialized or deserialized
 // (i.e. not include in JSON output; or being set even if they were included)
 @JsonIgnoreProperties({ "internalId", "secretKey" })
 // To ignore any unknown properties in JSON input without exception:

Starting with 2.0, this annotation can be applied both to classes and to properties. If used for both, actual set will be union of all ignorals: that is, you can only add properties to ignore, not remove or override. So you can not remove properties to ignore using per-property annotation.

public @interface JsonIgnoreProperties
Names of properties to ignore.
    public String[] value() default { };

Property that defines whether it is ok to just ignore any unrecognized properties during deserialization. If true, all properties that are unrecognized -- that is, there are no setters or creators that accept them -- are ignored without warnings (although handlers for unknown properties, if any, will still be called) without exception.

Does not have any effect on serialization.

    public boolean ignoreUnknown() default false;
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