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 import java.util.List;
An adapter that is optimized for instances. It offers to update ImageViews contained in instances with images loaded from the network. All you have to do is to Override,int,int,int) to define a bitmapRequest for each object in the list that is associated an image to display. Also please note that in your,android.view.View,android.view.ViewGroup) method, you must call, in order for your to be updated automagically.

<T> the type of data displayed by the list.
public abstract class OkHttpSpiceArrayAdapter<T> extends BaseSpiceArrayAdapter<T> {
    // ----------------------------
    // --- CONSTRUCTOR
    // ----------------------------
    public OkHttpSpiceArrayAdapter(Context contextOkHttpBitmapSpiceManager spiceManagerBinary) {
        this(contextspiceManagerBinarynew ArrayList<T>());
    public OkHttpSpiceArrayAdapter(Context contextOkHttpBitmapSpiceManager spiceManagerBinary, T[] objects) {
        this(contextspiceManagerBinary, Arrays.asList(objects));

Used for testing only.
    protected OkHttpSpiceArrayAdapter(Context contextOkHttpBitmapSpiceManager spiceManagerBinaryList<T> objects) {
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