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  package com.paypal.api.payments;
  public class Details  {

Amount being charged for shipping.
 	private String shipping;

Sub-total (amount) of items being paid for.
 	private String subtotal;

Amount being charged as tax.
 	private String tax;

Fee charged by PayPal. In case of a refund, this is the fee amount refunded to the original receipient of the payment.
 	private String fee;

Default Constructor
 	public Details() {

Setter for shipping
 	public Details setShipping(String shipping) {
 		this. = shipping;
 		return this;

Getter for shipping
 	public String getShipping() {
 		return this.;

Setter for subtotal
 	public Details setSubtotal(String subtotal) {
 		this. = subtotal;
 		return this;

Getter for subtotal
 	public String getSubtotal() {
 		return this.;

Setter for tax
 	public Details setTax(String tax) {
 		this. = tax;
 		return this;

Getter for tax
 	public String getTax() {
 		return this.;

Setter for fee
 	public Details setFee(String fee) {
 		this. = fee;
 		return this;

Getter for fee
 	public String getFee() {
 		return this.;

Returns a JSON string corresponding to object state

JSON representation
	public String toJSON() {
		return JSONFormatter.toJSON(this);
	public String toString() {
		return toJSON();
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