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 package com.paypal.api.openidconnect;
 public class Error {

A single ASCII error code from the following enum.
	private String error;

A resource ID that indicates the starting resource in the returned results.
A URI identifying a human-readable web page with information about the error, used to provide the client developer with additional information about the error.
	private String errorUri;

Default Constructor
	public Error() {

Parameterized Constructor
	public Error(String error) {
		this. = error;

Setter for error
	public void setError(String error) {
		this. = error;
Getter for error
	public String getError() {
		return this.;

Setter for errorDescription
	public void setErrorDescription(String errorDescription) {
		this. = errorDescription;
Getter for errorDescription
		return this.;

Setter for errorUri
	public void setErrorUri(String errorUri) {
		this. = errorUri;
Getter for errorUri
	public String getErrorUri() {
		return this.;

Returns a JSON string corresponding to object state

JSON representation
	public String toJSON() {
		return JSONFormatter.toJSON(this);
	public String toString() {
		return toJSON();
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