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 package com.paypal.api.payments;
 public class PaymentTerm  extends PayPalModel {

Terms by which the invoice payment is due.
	private String termType;

Date on which invoice payment is due. It must be always a future date. Date format: yyyy-MM-dd z. For example, 2014-02-27 PST
	private String dueDate;

Default Constructor
	public PaymentTerm() {

Setter for termType
	public PaymentTerm setTermType(String termType) {
		this. = termType;
		return this;

Getter for termType
	public String getTermType() {
		return this.;

Setter for dueDate
	public PaymentTerm setDueDate(String dueDate) {
		this. = dueDate;
		return this;

Getter for dueDate
	public String getDueDate() {
		return this.;
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