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 package com.paypal.base;
 import java.util.Map;
APICallPreHandler defines a high level abstraction for call specific operations. The calls may be divided as per formats as SOAP or NVP. PayPal Merchant Services are provided by MerchantAPICallPreHandler which is a decorator over the basic DefaultSOAPAPICallHandler. PayPal Platform Services are provided by PlatformAPICallPreHandler. PayPal REST API is provided by RESTAPICallPreHandler
public interface APICallPreHandler {

Returns headers for HTTP call

Map of headers with name and value
Returns the payload for the API call. The implementation should take care in formatting the payload appropriately

Payload as String
Returns the endpoint for the API call. The implementation may calculate the endpoint depending on parameters set on it. If no endpoint is found in the passed configuration, then SANDBOX endpoints (hardcoded in Constants)are taken to be default for the API call.

Endpoint String.
Returns com.paypal.base.credential.ICredential configured for the api call

ICredential object
Validates settings and integrity before call

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