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  package com.phonedeck.gcm4j;
  import java.util.HashMap;
  import java.util.Map;
 public enum ResultError {
Check that the request contains a registration ID (either in the registration_id parameter in a plain text message, or in the registration_ids field in JSON).
Check the formatting of the registration ID that you pass to the server. Make sure it matches the registration ID the phone receives in the intent and that you're not truncating it or adding additional characters.
A registration ID is tied to a certain group of senders. When an application registers for GCM usage, it must specify which senders are allowed to send messages. Make sure you're using one of those when trying to send messages to the device. If you switch to a different sender, the existing registration IDs won't work.
An existing registration ID may cease to be valid in a number of scenarios, including: - If the application manually unregisters by issuing a intent. - If the application is automatically unregistered, which can happen (but is not guaranteed) if the user uninstalls the application. - If the registration ID expires. Google might decide to refresh registration IDs. For all these cases, you should remove this registration ID from the 3rd-party server and stop using it to send messages.
The total size of the payload data that is included in a message can't exceed 4096 bytes. Note that this includes both the size of the keys as well as the values.
The payload data contains a key (such as from or any value prefixed by google.) that is used internally by GCM in the Intent and cannot be used. Note that some words (such as collapse_key) are also used by GCM but are allowed in the payload, in which case the payload value will be overridden by the GCM value.
The value for the Time to Live field must be an integer representing a duration in seconds between 0 and 2,419,200 (4 weeks).
The server encountered an error while trying to process the request. You could retry the same request (obeying the requirements listed in the Timeout section), but if the error persists, please report the problem in the android-gcm group. Senders that cause problems risk being blacklisted.
GCM servers were busy and could not process the message for this particular recipient.
A message was addressed to a registration ID whose package name did not match the value passed in the request.
The returned error code was unknown when this version of the client was released. Please check if there is a new version, or file a ticket about it.
Table for looking up JSON values quickly.
     private static final Map<StringResultErrorREVERSE_TABLE = new HashMap<>(ResultError.values().length);
Value of the enum as used in the JSON protocol.
    private final String jsonValue;
    private final boolean retryable;
    private final boolean deletable;
    static {
        for (ResultError resultError : values()) {
            if (resultError.jsonValue() != null) {
                .put(resultError.jsonValue(), resultError);
    private ResultError(String jsonValueboolean retryableboolean deletable) {
        this. = jsonValue;
        this. = retryable;
        this. = deletable;
Value of the enum as used in the JSON protocol.

the value of the enum as used in the JSON protocol
    public String jsonValue() {
        return ;
Whether you can retry this result

    public boolean isRetryable() {
		return ;

Whether you have to delete the registrationId contained in this result

	public boolean isDeletable() {
		return ;

Gets an enum value of the JSON equivalent, or UNSUPPORTED_ERROR_CODE if cannot be matched.

jsonValue value of the constant in the JSON protocol
equivalent ResultError value or UNSUPPORTED_ERROR_CODE if cannot be matched
    public static ResultError jsonValueOf(String jsonValue) {
        ResultError result = .get(jsonValue);
        if (result == null) {
            LoggerFactory.getLogger(ResultError.class).warn("Unsupported error code: {}"jsonValue);
            result = .;
        return result;
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