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  * @(#)  1.0  2011-02-20
  * Copyright (c) 2011 Werner Randelshofer, Goldau, Switzerland.
  * All rights reserved.
  * You may not use, copy or modify this file, except in compliance with the
  * license agreement you entered into with Werner Randelshofer.
  * For details see accompanying license terms.
A Track refers to media data that can be interpreted in a time coordinate system.

A track is the output of a Demultiplexer.

Werner Randelshofer
1.0 2011-02-20 Created.
public interface Track {
Returns the numbers of samples in this track.
    public long getSampleCount();
Sets the read position.
    public void setPosition(long pos);
Gets the read position.
    public long getPosition();

Reads a sample from the input stream. If the end of the track is reached, the discard-flag in the buffer is set to true.

buf The buffer for the sample.
    public void read(Buffer bufthrows IOException;
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