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  * @(#)  
  * Copyright (c) 2011 Werner Randelshofer, Goldau, Switzerland.
  * All rights reserved.
  * You may not use, copy or modify this file, except in compliance with the
  * license agreement you entered into with Werner Randelshofer.
  * For details see accompanying license terms.
Defines common format keys for video media.

Werner Randelshofer
$Id: 299 2013-01-03 07:40:18Z werner $
public class VideoFormatKeys extends FormatKeys {
        // Standard video ENCODING strings for use with FormatKey.Encoding. 
    public static final String ENCODING_BUFFERED_IMAGE = "image";
Cinepak format.
    public static final String ENCODING_QUICKTIME_CINEPAK = "cvid";
    public static final String COMPRESSOR_NAME_QUICKTIME_CINEPAK = "Cinepak";
JPEG format.
    public static final String ENCODING_QUICKTIME_JPEG = "jpeg";
    public static final String COMPRESSOR_NAME_QUICKTIME_JPEG = "Photo - JPEG";
PNG format.
    public static final String ENCODING_QUICKTIME_PNG = "png ";
    public static final String COMPRESSOR_NAME_QUICKTIME_PNG = "PNG";
Animation format.
    public static final String ENCODING_QUICKTIME_ANIMATION = "rle ";
    public static final String COMPRESSOR_NAME_QUICKTIME_ANIMATION = "Animation";
Raw format.
    public static final String ENCODING_QUICKTIME_RAW = "raw ";
    public static final String COMPRESSOR_NAME_QUICKTIME_RAW = "NONE";
    // AVI Formats
Microsoft Device Independent Bitmap (DIB) format.
    public static final String ENCODING_AVI_DIB = "DIB ";
Microsoft Run Length format.
    public static final String ENCODING_AVI_RLE = "RLE ";
Techsmith Screen Capture format.
    public static final String ENCODING_AVI_TECHSMITH_SCREEN_CAPTURE = "tscc";
    public static final String COMPRESSOR_NAME_AVI_TECHSMITH_SCREEN_CAPTURE = "Techsmith Screen Capture";
DosBox Screen Capture format.
    public static final String ENCODING_AVI_DOSBOX_SCREEN_CAPTURE = "ZMBV";
JPEG format.
    public static final String ENCODING_AVI_MJPG = "MJPG";
PNG format.
    public static final String ENCODING_AVI_PNG = "png ";
Interleaved planar bitmap format.
    public static final String ENCODING_BITMAP_IMAGE = "ILBM";

The WidthKey of a video frame.
    public final static FormatKey<IntegerWidthKey = new FormatKey<Integer>("dimX","width"Integer.class);
The HeightKey of a video frame.
    public final static FormatKey<IntegerHeightKey = new FormatKey<Integer>("dimY","height"Integer.class);
The number of bits per pixel.
    public final static FormatKey<IntegerDepthKey = new FormatKey<Integer>("dimZ","depth"Integer.class);
The data class.
    public final static FormatKey<ClassDataClassKey = new FormatKey<Class>("dataClass"Class.class);
The compressor name.
    public final static FormatKey<StringCompressorNameKey = new FormatKey<String>("compressorName""compressorName",String.classtrue);
The pixel aspect ratio WidthKey : HeightKey;
    public final static FormatKey<RationalPixelAspectRatioKey = new FormatKey<Rational>("pixelAspectRatio"Rational.class);
Whether the frame rate must be fixed. False means variable frame rate.
    public final static FormatKey<BooleanFixedFrameRateKey = new FormatKey<Boolean>("fixedFrameRate"Boolean.class);
Whether the video is interlaced.
    public final static FormatKey<BooleanInterlaceKey = new FormatKey<Boolean>("interlace"Boolean.class);
Encoding quality. Value between 0 and 1.
    public final static FormatKey<FloatQualityKey = new FormatKey<Float>("quality"Float.class);
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