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  * @(#)  1.0  2002-05-18
  * Copyright (c) 2001 Werner Randelshofer, Goldau, Switzerland.
  * All rights reserved.
  * You may not use, copy or modify this file, except in compliance with the
  * license agreement you entered into with Werner Randelshofer.
  * For details see accompanying license terms.

Processes Runnable objects sequentially on a processor thread. The order in which the runnable objects are processed is the same in which they were added to the dispatcher.

Design pattern used: Acceptor Role in design pattern: EventCollector and EventProcessor

Werner Randelshofef
1.0 2002-05-18 Created
public class SequentialDispatcher extends EventLoop {
Creates new SequentialDispatcher which processes Runnable objects at java.lang.Thread.NORM_PRIORITY.
    public SequentialDispatcher() {
Creates a new SequentialDispatcher which processes Runnable Objects at the desired thread priority.

priority The Thread priority of the event processor.
    public SequentialDispatcher(int priority) {

This method processes an event on the event processor thread.

event An event from the queue.
    protected void processEvent(Object event) {
        Runnable r = (Runnableevent;;
Queues the Runnable object for later execution on the processor thread.
    public void dispatch(Runnable r) {
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