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Copyright 2013 SAP AG Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. /
public class EdmParserConstants {
  public static final String EDM_DATA_SERVICES = "DataServices";
  public static final String EDM_SCHEMA = "Schema";
  public static final String EDM_SCHEMA_NAMESPACE = "Namespace";
  public static final String EDM_SCHEMA_ALIAS = "Alias";
  public static final String EDM_ENTITY_TYPE = "EntityType";
  public static final String EDM_COMPLEX_TYPE = "ComplexType";
  public static final String EDM_ASSOCIATION = "Association";
  public static final String EDM_USING = "Using";
  public static final String EDM_NAME = "Name";
  public static final String EDM_TYPE = "Type";
  public static final String EDM_ENTITY_TYPE_KEY = "Key";
  public static final String EDM_ENTITY_TYPE_ABSTRACT = "Abstract";
  public static final String EDM_BASE_TYPE = "BaseType";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY_REF = "PropertyRef";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY = "Property";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY_NULLABLE = "Nullable";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY_MAX_LENGTH = "MaxLength";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY_MAX_LENGTH_MAX_VALUE = "Max";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY_DEFAULT_VALUE = "DefaultValue";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY_FIXED_LENGTH = "FixedLength";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY_UNICODE = "Unicode";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY_COLLATION = "Collation";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY_PRECISION = "Precision";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY_SCALE = "Scale";
  public static final String EDM_PROPERTY_CONCURRENCY_MODE = "ConcurrencyMode";
  public static final String EDM_NAVIGATION_PROPERTY = "NavigationProperty";
  public static final String EDM_NAVIGATION_FROM_ROLE = "FromRole";
  public static final String EDM_NAVIGATION_TO_ROLE = "ToRole";
  public static final String EDM_NAVIGATION_RELATIONSHIP = "Relationship";
  public static final String EDM_ASSOCIATION_CONSTRAINT = "ReferentialConstraint";
  public static final String EDM_ASSOCIATION_END = "End";
  public static final String EDM_ASSOCIATION_MULTIPLICITY = "Multiplicity";
  public static final String EDM_ASSOCIATION_ONDELETE = "OnDelete";
  public static final String EDM_ONDELETE_ACTION = "Action";
  public static final String EDM_ENTITY_CONTAINER = "EntityContainer";
  public static final String EDM_ENTITY_SET = "EntitySet";
  public static final String EDM_ASSOCIATION_SET = "AssociationSet";
  public static final String EDM_FUNCTION_IMPORT = "FunctionImport";
  public static final String EDM_CONTAINER_EXTENDZ = "Extendz";
  public static final String EDM_FUNCTION_IMPORT_HTTP_METHOD = "HttpMethod";
  public static final String EDM_FUNCTION_IMPORT_RETURN = "ReturnType";
  public static final String EDM_FUNCTION_PARAMETER = "Parameter";
  public static final String M_ENTITY_TYPE_HAS_STREAM = "HasStream";
  public static final String M_MIMETYPE = "MimeType";
  public static final String M_FC_TARGET_PATH = "FC_TargetPath";
  public static final String M_FC_SOURCE_PATH = "FC_SourcePath";
  public static final String M_FC_NS_URI = "FC_NsUri";
  public static final String M_FC_PREFIX = "FC_NsPrefix";
  public static final String M_FC_KEEP_IN_CONTENT = "FC_KeepInContent";
  public static final String M_FC_CONTENT_KIND = "FC_ContentKind";
  public static final String EDM_ASSOCIATION_PRINCIPAL = "Principal";
  public static final String EDM_ASSOCIATION_DEPENDENT = "Dependent";
  public static final String EDM_ROLE = "Role";
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