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  * Copyright (c) SiteWhere, LLC. All rights reserved.
  * The software in this package is published under the terms of the CPAL v1.0
  * license, a copy of which has been included with this distribution in the
  * LICENSE.txt file.
 package com.sitewhere.server.asset.scim;

Interface for fields available via SCIM on WSO2.

public interface IWso2ScimFields {

Field that specifies asset id
	public static final String PROP_ASSET_ID = .;

Field that specifies name
	public static final String PROP_NAME = "fullName";

Field that specifies username
	public static final String PROP_USERNAME = .;

Field that specifies email address
	public static final String PROP_EMAIL_ADDRESS = "emailAddress1";

Location of profile URL in from SCIM
	public static final String PROP_PROFILE_URL = .;
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