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#)ArTrxAgentScreenRecord. Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved. GPL3 Open Source Software License.
 package com.tourapp.tour.acctrec.screen.display;
 import java.util.*;
ArTrxAgentScreenRecord - Fields for Agency display screen.
public class ArTrxAgentScreenRecord extends ScreenRecord
    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
    public static final String PROFILE_ID = "ProfileID";
    public static final String BALANCE = "Balance";
Default constructor.
    public ArTrxAgentScreenRecord()
    public ArTrxAgentScreenRecord(RecordOwner screen)
Initialize class fields.
    public void init(RecordOwner screen)
    public static final String AR_TRX_AGENT_SCREEN_RECORD_FILE = null;  // Screen field
Add this field in the Record's field sequence.
    public BaseField setupField(int iFieldSeq)
        BaseField field = null;
        if (iFieldSeq == 0)
            field = new ProfileField(this.nullnull);
        if (iFieldSeq == 1)
            field = new CurrencyField(this.nullnull);
        if (field == null)
            field = super.setupField(iFieldSeq);
        return field;
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