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#)McoEntryGridScreen. Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved. GPL3 Open Source Software License.
  package com.tourapp.tour.acctrec.screen.mco;
  import java.util.*;
McoEntryGridScreen - MCO Entry.
 public class McoEntryGridScreen extends GridScreen
Default constructor.
     public McoEntryGridScreen()

record The main record for this screen.
itsLocation The location of this component within the parent.
parentScreen The parent screen.
fieldConverter The field this screen field is linked to.
iDisplayFieldDesc Do I display the field desc?.
     public McoEntryGridScreen(Record recordScreenLocation itsLocationBasePanel parentScreenConverter fieldConverterint iDisplayFieldDescMap<String,Objectproperties)
Initialize class fields.
     public void init(Record recordScreenLocation itsLocationBasePanel parentScreenConverter fieldConverterint iDisplayFieldDescMap<String,Objectproperties)
Get the screen display title.
     public String getTitle()
         return "MCO Entry";
Override this to open the main file.

You should pass this record owner to the new main file (ie., new MyNewTable(thisRecordOwner)).

The new record.
     public Record openMainRecord()
         return new Mco(this);
Override this to open the other files in the query.
     public void openOtherRecords()
         new ArControl(this);
         new TrxStatus(this);
Add all the screen listeners.
     public void addListeners()
        this.getMainRecord().addListener(new SubFileIntegrityHandler(McoBatchDist.class.getName(), true));
Add the screen fields. Override this to create (and return) the screen record for this recordowner.

The screen record.
    public Record addScreenRecord()
        return new CashBatchScreenRecord(this);
Add button(s) to the toolbar.
    public void addToolbarButtons(ToolScreen toolScreen)
        String strDesc = "Distribution";
        if (this.getTask() != null)
            strDesc = ((BaseApplication)this.getTask().getApplication()).getResources(.true).getString(strDesc);
SetupSFields Method.
    public void setupSFields()
        Converter converter = this.getRecord(.).getField(.);
        converter = new McoDistConverter(converter);
Process the command.
Step 1 - Process the command if possible and return true if processed.
Step 2 - If I can't process, pass to all children (with me as the source).
Step 3 - If children didn't process, pass to parent (with me as the source).
Note: Never pass to a parent or child that matches the source (to avoid an endless loop).

strCommand The command to process.
sourceSField The source screen field (to avoid echos).
iCommandOptions If this command creates a new screen, create in a new window?
true if success.
    public boolean doCommand(String strCommandScreenField sourceSFieldint iCommandOptions)
        if ((strCommand.equalsIgnoreCase(.)) || (strCommand.equalsIgnoreCase(.)))
            return (this.onForm(null.trueiCommandOptionsnull) != null);
            return super.doCommand(strCommandsourceSFieldiCommandOptions);
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