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#)McoSubmitToolbar. Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved. GPL3 Open Source Software License.
 package com.tourapp.tour.acctrec.screen.mco;
 import java.util.*;
McoSubmitToolbar - Toolbar for MCO submissions.
public class McoSubmitToolbar extends ReportToolbar
    public static final String UPDATE_COMMAND = "Update Status";
Default constructor.
    public McoSubmitToolbar()

itsLocation The location of this component within the parent.
parentScreen The parent screen.
fieldConverter The field this screen field is linked to.
iDisplayFieldDesc Do I display the field desc?.
    public McoSubmitToolbar(ScreenLocation itsLocationBasePanel parentScreenConverter fieldConverterint iDisplayFieldDescMap<String,Objectproperties)
Initialize class fields.
    public void init(ScreenLocation itsLocationBasePanel parentScreenConverter fieldConverterint iDisplayFieldDescMap<String,Objectproperties)
Get the screen display title.
    public String getTitle()
        return "Toolbar for MCO submissions";
SetupSFields Method.
    public void setupSFields()
        //if (this.isPrintReport())
        //  return;   // Don't display params if entered
        String strDesc = ;
        if (this.getTask() != null)
            strDesc = ((BaseApplication)this.getTask().getApplication()).getResources(.true).getString(strDesc);
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