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#)AddNewMcoDistHandler. Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved. GPL3 Open Source Software License.
  package com.tourapp.tour.acctrec.screen.mco.dist;
  import java.util.*;
AddNewMcoDistHandler - Add new Mco distribution record.
Default constructor.
     public AddNewMcoDistHandler()
AddNewMcoDistHandler Method.
     public AddNewMcoDistHandler(Record record)
Initialize class fields.
     public void init(Record record)
Called when a change is the record status is about to happen/has happened.

field If this file change is due to a field, this is the field.
iChangeType The type of change that occurred.
bDisplayOption If true, display any changes.
an error code. ADD_TYPE - Before a write. UPDATE_TYPE - Before an update. DELETE_TYPE - Before a delete. AFTER_UPDATE_TYPE - After a write or update. LOCK_TYPE - Before a lock. SELECT_TYPE - After a select. DESELECT_TYPE - After a deselect. MOVE_NEXT_TYPE - After a move. AFTER_REQUERY_TYPE - Record opened. SELECT_EOF_TYPE - EOF Hit.
     public int doRecordChange(FieldInfo fieldint iChangeTypeboolean bDisplayOption)
         int iErrorCode = super.doRecordChange(fieldiChangeTypebDisplayOption);
         if (iErrorCode != .)
             return iErrorCode;
         if (!this.getOwner().getTableNames(false).equalsIgnoreCase(.))
             return .;   // If this is being overidden, don't do rest of code.
         switch (iChangeType)
             case .:
                 BaseField fldBookingID = this.getOwner().getField(.);
                 if (!fldBookingID.isNull())
                     Object bookmark = this.getOwner().getLastModified(.);
                     if (bookmark != null)
                         try {
                             if ( == null)
                                 RecordOwner recordOwner = this.getOwner().findRecordOwner();
                                  = new McoBatchDist(recordOwner);
                                 if (recordOwner != null)
                         } catch (DBException ex)    {
        return iErrorCode;
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