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#)CompareRefundHandler. Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved. GPL3 Open Source Software License.
 package com.tourapp.tour.acctrec.screen.refund;
 import java.util.*;
CompareRefundHandler - Compare the ArTrx type to make sure this is a refund type.
public class CompareRefundHandler extends FileListener
    protected BaseField m_fldTarget = null;
    protected int m_iHeld;
    protected int m_iPay;
    protected int m_iSubmitted;
Default constructor.
    public CompareRefundHandler()
CompareRefundHandler Method.
    public CompareRefundHandler(BaseField fldTargetint iSubmittedint iHeldint iPay)
Initialize class fields.
    public void init(BaseField fldTargetint iSubmittedint iHeldint iPay)
         = null;
         = 0;
         = 0;
         = 0;
         = fldTarget;
         = iSubmitted;
         = iHeld;
         = iPay;
Set up/do the local criteria.

strbFilter The SQL query string to add to.
bIncludeFileName Include the file name with this query?
vParamList The param list to add the raw data to (for prepared statements).
True if you should not skip this record (does a check on the local data).
    public boolean doLocalCriteria(StringBuffer strbFilterboolean bIncludeFileNameVector vParamList)
        boolean bDontSkip = false;
        if (.getValue() == )
            bDontSkip = true;
        if (.getValue() == )
            bDontSkip = true;
        if (.getValue() == )
            bDontSkip = true;
        if (bDontSkip)
            return super.doLocalCriteria(strbFilterbIncludeFileNamevParamList);    // Dont skip this record
            return false;   // Skip this one
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