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 package com.vaadin.spring.roo.addon.annotations;

Indicates a bean property (accessor method or field) whose value represents is shown to the user.

Only one property of an (entity) bean should be annotated with RooVaadinDisplayProperty. If the annotation is on an accessor (getter) method, it does not need to correspond to a field.

Entity views (RooVaadinEntityView) use this property to determine which entity property is shown to the user e.g. for referenced entities unless some other property is explicitly specified in the entity view. The default behavior, if no property is annotated with RooVaadinDisplayProperty, is to use the "name" field, or if none is present, to use toString().

This annotation is dual licensed under both GNU General Public License, Version 3 and also Apache License, Version 2.0. You may apply your choice of GPLv3 or ASLv2 to your use of the this annotation.

public @interface RooVaadinDisplayProperty {
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