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 package com.vaadin.spring.roo.addon.annotations;
Indicates a type that acts as a simple CRUD editor form for a ROO entity.

This annotation is for cases where the Vaadin Form class is not used, but the form is composed by hand or using the Vaadin Visual Editor.

This annotation will cause ROO to produce code that supports the editing of an entity (if necessary). Importantly, such code does NOT depend on any singletons and is intended to safely serialize. In the current release this code will be emitted to an ITD.

Setting this annotation generates any required helper methods for editing the entity in the ITD.

The formBackingObject() property defines the RooEntity type which is managed through this view.

This annotation is dual licensed under both GNU General Public License, Version 3 and also Apache License, Version 2.0. You may apply your choice of GPLv3 or ASLv2 to your use of the this annotation.

Every entity editor form is responsible for a single form backing object (RooEntity). The form backing object defined here class will be exposed for editing.
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