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 package com.vaadin.spring.roo.addon.annotations;
Indicates a type that acts as a base class for classes with the RooVaadinEntityView annotation.

Most of the UI structure and logic for entity CRUD views is in this base class.

This annotation is currently only used when searching for potential entity view base classes if none is specified when creating entity views.

This annotation is dual licensed under both GNU General Public License, Version 3 and also Apache License, Version 2.0. You may apply your choice of GPLv3 or ASLv2 to your use of the this annotation.

public @interface RooVaadinAbstractEntityView {

Use the JPAContainer where applicable instead of a statically populated container for entities.

indicates if the JPAContainer should be used in the editor view (defaults to "false"; optional)
	boolean useJpaContainer() default false;
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