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ignoringFollowingDeclarations=Ignoring the following declarations in this rule.
ignoringRule=Ignoring the whole rule.
invalidAttrib=Error in attribute selector.
invalidCharsetRule=Error in @charset rule.
invalidClassSelector=Error in class selector.
invalidColor=Invalid color "{0}".
invalidDeclaration=Error in declaration.
invalidElementName=Error in element name.
invalidExpectingMore=Invalid token "{0}". Was expecting one of: {1}.
invalidExpectingOne=Invalid token "{0}". Was expecting: {1}.
invalidExpr=Error in expression.
invalidFontFaceRule=Error in @font-face rule.
invalidHash=Error in hash.
invalidImportRule=Error in @import rule.
invalidImportRuleIgnored=@import rule must occur before all other rules.
invalidImportRuleIgnored2=@import rule must occur before all other rules, except the @charset rule.
invalidMediaList=Error in media list.
invalidMediaRule=Error in @media rule.
invalidPageRule=Error in @page rule.
invalidPrio=Error in priority.
invalidPseudo=Error in pseudo class or element.
invalidRule=Error in rule.
invalidSelector=Error in selector.
invalidSelectorList=Error in selector list.
invalidSimpleSelector=Error in simple selector.
invalidStyleDeclaration=Error in style declaration.
invalidStyleRule=Error in style rule.
invalidStyleSheet=Error in style sheet.
invalidUnknownRule=Error in unknown at-rule.
tokenMgrError=Lexical error.
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