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msg.class.not.found=Class "{0}" not found.''t open file "{0}".''t open URL "{0}": {1}.''t read source file "{0}": {1}.
msg.expected.string.arg=Expected a string argument.
msg.extension.not.js=File "{0}" is not a valid js file name.
msg.format2=line {0}: {1}
msg.format3="{0}", line {1}: {2} Command Description ======= =========== help() Display usage and help messages. defineClass(className) Define an extension using the Java class named with the string argument. Uses ScriptableObject.defineClass(). load(["foo.js", ...]) Load JavaScript source files named by string arguments. loadClass(className) Load a class named by a string argument. The class must be a script compiled to a class file. print([expr ...]) Evaluate and print expressions. quit() Quit the shell. version([number]) Get or set the JavaScript version number. gc() Runs the garbage collector. spawn(arg) Evaluate function or script name on a new thread sync(function [, obj]) Creates a synchronized version of the function, where the synchronization object is the obj argument or "this" if obj is undefined readFile(fileName [, encoding]) Returns the content of the file as a string. Encoding of the string can be optionally specified. readUrl(url [, encoding]) Similar to readFile, reads the contents of the url. runCommand(name ...) Runs a specified shell command. Additional arguments are passed to the command seal(args ...) Seals the supplied objects toint32(arg) Converts the argument into a 32-bit integer serialize(obj, fileName) Serializes an object and saves it to a file deserialize(fileName) Reconstructs a serialized object environment Returns the current environment object history Displays the shell command history
msg.idswitch.bad_invocation=StringIdMap: {0} For more information, try java --help
msg.idswitch.bad_option=Invalid option {0}
msg.idswitch.bad_option_char=Invalid option letter {0}
msg.idswitch.bad_tag_order=String switch tag {0} is not allowed here
msg.idswitch.file_end_in_switch=End of file inside tag {0}
msg.idswitch.io_error=StringIdMap: IO error, {0}
msg.idswitch.no_end_usage=Tag {0} can not be used as end tag
msg.idswitch.no_end_with_value=End for tag {0} can not contain value
msg.idswitch.no_file_argument=File argument should be given
msg.idswitch.no_value_allowed=Tag {0} can not contain value
msg.idswitch.same_string=The string {0} is used second time in the switch code. Previous occurrence was at line {1}
msg.idswitch.too_many_arguments=Too many arguments are given
msg.idswitch.usage=Usage: java [OPTIONS] JAVA_SOURCE_FILE Generates efficient string dispatch code in JAVA_SOURCE_FILE. The resulting Java source fragment replaces the old dispatch code. If JAVA_SOURCE_FILE is -, standard input is used for Java source and the result is sent to standard output. -h, --help display this help and exit --version display version information and exit Note: the original file will be overwritten without any backup actions and all code inside #generated# tag will be replaced by new one. version 0.2 "{0}" is not a valid class file name.
msg.jsc.bad.usage=Didn''t understand "{1}". For more information, try java {0} -h
msg.jsc.usage=Usage: java {0} [OPTION]... SOURCE... Valid options are: -version VERSION Use the specified language version. VERSION should be one of 100|110|120|130|140|150|160|170. -opt LEVEL Use optimization with the specified level. LEVEL should be one of 0..9. -debug, -g Include debug information. -nosource Do not include source to function objects. It makes f.toString() useless and violates ECMAScript standard but makes generated classes smaller and saves memory. -o CLASSNAME Use specified name as the last component of the main generated class name. When specified, only one script SOURCE is allowed. If omitted, it defaults to source name with stripped .js suffix. -package PACKAGE Place generated classes in the specified package. -d DIRECTORY Use DIRECTORY as destination directory for generated classes. If omitted, it defaults to parent directory of SOURCE. -encoding charset Sets the character encoding of the source files. -extends CLASS The main generated class will extend the specified class CLASS. -implements INTERFACE1,INTERFACE2,... The main generated class will implement the specified list of interfaces. -main-method-class CLASS Specify the class name used for main method implementation. The class must have a method matching "public static void main(Script sc, String[] args)" -observe-instruction-count Generate code that contains callbacks to accumulate counts of executed instructions. Code compiled with this flag can be monitored using Context.setInstructionObserverThreshold. -help, --help, -h Print this help and exit.
msg.jsfile.not.found=File "{0}" not found. compile multiple js files to "{0}".
msg.must.implement.Script=Argument to loadClass() must be the name of a class that implements the Script interface. Class files generated by compiling scripts will implement Script.
msg.must.implement.Scriptable=Argument to defineClass() must be the name of a class that implements the Scriptable interface. have the org.mozilla.javascript.optimizer package available to compile to class files. file name must be specified to compile."{0}" is not a valid package name.
msg.runCommand.bad.args=The first argument to runCommand must be a command name.
msg.runCommand.bad.env=A value of the env property of option object for runCommnad must be an object. scope object for shell function: {0} option "{0}" require at least file path to be specified require at least file path to be specified function can only be applied to objects function supports only sealing of ScriptableObject instances java {0} [options...] [files] Valid options are: -?, -help Displays help messages. -w Enable warnings. -version 100|110|120|130|140|150|160|170|180 Set a specific language version. -opt [-1|0-9] Set optimization level. -f script-filename Execute script file, or "-" for interactive. -e script-source Evaluate inline script. -modules [uri] Add a single path or URL element to the CommonJS module search path. (implies -require) -require Enable CommonJS module support. -sandbox Enable CommonJS sandbox mode. (implies -require) -debug Generate debug code. -strict Enable strict mode warnings. -fatal-warnings Treat warnings as errors. -encoding charset Use specified character encoding as default when reading scripts.
msg.spawn.args=Argument to spawn() must be a function or script.
msg.uncaughtEcmaError=uncaught JavaScript runtime exception: {0}
msg.uncaughtJSException=exception from uncaught JavaScript throw: {0}
msg.warning=warning: {0}
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