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Stack Overflow Questions method "{0}": name "{1}" is already in use.
implementation.version=Rhino 1.7 release 4 2012 06 18
msg.StopIteration.invalid=StopIteration may not be changed to an arbitrary object.
msg.XML.bad.form=illegally formed XML syntax
msg.XML.not.available=XML runtime not available
msg.access.prohibited=Access to Java class "{0}" is prohibited. requires at least one argument.
msg.add.sealed=Cannot add a property to a sealed object: {0}.
msg.already.exec.gen=Already executing generator
msg.ambig.import=Ambiguous import: "{0}" and and "{1}".
msg.anon.generator.returns=TypeError: anonymous generator function returns a value function does not always return a value
msg.arg.isnt.array=second argument to Function.prototype.apply must be an array
msg.arg.not.object=Expected argument of type object, but instead had type {0}
msg.arraylength.bad=Inappropriate array length.
msg.arraylength.too.big=Array length {0} exceeds supported capacity limit.
msg.assn.create.strict=Assignment to undeclared variable {0}
msg.bad.assign.left=Invalid assignment left-hand side.
msg.bad.backref=back-reference exceeds number of capturing parentheses.
msg.bad.break=unlabelled break must be inside loop or switch
msg.bad.catchcond=invalid catch block condition
msg.bad.ctor.return=Construction of objects of type "{0}" is not supported.
msg.bad.ctor.sig=Found constructor with wrong signature: {0} calling {1} with signature {2}
msg.bad.decr=Invalid decrement operand.
msg.bad.default.value=Object''s getDefaultValue() method returned an object.
msg.bad.destruct.op=Invalid destructuring assignment operator
msg.bad.esc.mask=invalid string escape mask hand side of loop must be an array of length 2 to accept key/value pair. left-hand side of loop.
msg.bad.getter.parms=In order to define a property, getter {0} must have zero parameters or a single ScriptableObject parameter."{0}" is not a valid identifier for this use in strict mode.
msg.bad.incr=Invalid increment operand.
msg.bad.label=invalid label
msg.bad.method.return=Unsupported return type "{0}" in method "{1}".
msg.bad.namespace=not a valid default namespace statement. Syntax is: default xml namespace = EXPRESSION;
msg.bad.object.init=SyntaxError: invalid object initializer
msg.bad.octal.literal=illegal octal literal digit {0}; interpreting it as a decimal digit
msg.bad.parms=Unsupported parameter type "{0}" in method "{1}".
msg.bad.precision=Precision {0} out of range.
msg.bad.prop=invalid property id
msg.bad.quant=Invalid quantifier {0}
msg.bad.radix=illegal radix {0}.
msg.bad.range=Invalid range in character class.
msg.bad.regexp.compile=Only one argument may be specified if the first argument to RegExp.prototype.compile is a RegExp object.
msg.bad.return=invalid return
msg.bad.switch=invalid switch statement
msg.bad.throw.eol=Line terminator is not allowed between the throw keyword and throw expression.
msg.bad.uri=Malformed URI sequence.
msg.bad.var=missing variable name
msg.bad.var.init=invalid variable initialization
msg.bad.yield=yield must be in a function. be both a data and an accessor descriptor. "{0}" must be called directly, and not by way of a function of another name.
msg.cant.convert=Can''t convert to type "{0}".
msg.cant.instantiate=error instantiating ({0}): class {1} is interface or abstract
msg.catch.unreachable=any catch clauses following an unqualified catch are unreachable
msg.caught.nfe=number format error change the configurable attribute of "{0}" from false to true.
msg.change.enumerable.with.configurable.false=Cannot change the enumerable attribute of "{0}" because configurable is false.
msg.change.getter.with.configurable.false=Cannot change the get attribute of "{0}" because configurable is false. change "{0}" from an accessor property to a data property because configurable is false. change "{0}" from a data property to an accessor property because configurable is false.
msg.change.setter.with.configurable.false=Cannot change the set attribute of "{0}" because configurable is false.
msg.change.value.with.writable.false=Cannot change the value of attribute "{0}" because writable is false. change the writable attribute of "{0}" from false to true because configurable is false.
msg.const.redecl=TypeError: redeclaration of const {0}.
msg.constructor.ambiguous=The choice of Java constructor {0} matching JavaScript argument types ({1}) is ambiguous; candidate constructors are: {2}
msg.continue.nonloop=continue can only use labeles of iteration statements
msg.continue.outside=continue must be inside loop
msg.conversion.not.allowed=Cannot convert {0} to {1}
msg.ctor.multiple.parms=Can''t define constructor or class {0} since more than one constructor has multiple parameters.
msg.ctor.not.found=Constructor for "{0}" not found.
msg.cyclic.value=Cyclic {0} value not allowed.
msg.default.value=Cannot find default value for object.
msg.deprec.ctor=The "{0}" constructor is deprecated. = in destructuring declaration
msg.double.switch.default=double default label in the switch statement
msg.dup.label=duplicated label
msg.dup.obj.lit.prop.strict=Property "{0}" already defined in this object literal.
msg.dup.param.strict=Parameter "{0}" already declared in this function.
msg.dup.parms=Duplicate parameter name "{0}".
msg.empty.array.reduce=Reduce of empty array with no initial value for equality (==) mistyped as assignment (=)?
msg.eval.nonstring=Calling eval() with anything other than a primitive string value will simply return the value. Is this what you intended?
msg.eval.nonstring.strict=Calling eval() with anything other than a primitive string value is not allowed in strict mode.
msg.extend.scriptable={0} must extend ScriptableObject in order to define property {1}.
msg.extra.trailing.comma=Trailing comma is not legal in an ECMA-262 object initializer
msg.extra.trailing.semi=Extraneous trailing semicolon
msg.fn.redecl=TypeError: redeclaration of function {0}.
msg.function.not.found=Cannot find function {0}. find function {0} in object {1}.
msg.generator.returns=TypeError: generator function {0} returns a value
msg.getter.static=Getter and setter must both be static or neither be static. produced {0} syntax errors.
msg.illegal.character=illegal character in after for''t use ''in'' on a non-object. "{0}" called on incompatible object.
msg.instanceof.bad.prototype=''prototype'' property of {0} is not an object.
msg.instanceof.not.object=Can''t use ''instanceof'' on a non-object. is invalid.
msg.invalid.escape=invalid Unicode escape sequence
msg.invalid.iterator=Invalid iterator value flag after regular expression
msg.invalid.type=Invalid JavaScript value of type {0}"{0}" is not defined.
msg.isnt.function={0} is not a function, it is {1}. call property {0} in object {1}. It is not a function, it is "{2}".
msg.isnt.xml.object={0} is not an xml object.
msg.iterator.primitive=__iterator__ returned a primitive value index {0} is out of bounds [0..{1}]. arrays have no public instance fields or methods named "{0}".''t find converter method "{0}" on class {1}. error: type conversion of {0} to assign to {1} on {2} failed. error: attempt to access private/protected field "{0}". class "{0}" has no public instance field or method named "{1}". method "{0}" cannot be assigned to.''t find method {0}. let declaration not directly within block
msg.let.redecl=TypeError: redeclaration of variable {0}. {0} less than minimum
msg.method.ambiguous=The choice of Java method {0}.{1} matching JavaScript argument types ({2}) is ambiguous; candidate methods are: {3}
msg.method.not.found=Method "{0}" not found in "{1}".
msg.missing.exponent=missing exponent
msg.missing.semi=missing ; after statement
msg.modify.readonly=Cannot modify readonly property: {0}.
msg.modify.sealed=Cannot modify a property of a sealed object: {0}.
msg.mult.index=Only one variable allowed in loop.
msg.namespace.expected=Namespace object expected to left of :: (found {0} instead) } after function body } in compound statement '{' before function body '{' before catch-block body } after property list '{' before switch body '{' before try block ] after element list ] in index expression : after case expression : in conditional expression : after property id } after let statement convert function to interface {0} with no methods convert function to interface {0} since it contains methods with different names source found to decompile function reference {0} constructor for "{0}" with arguments "{1}" not found. name after :: operator name after . operator name after .. operator name after .@ numbers prohibited in strict mode. "{0}" occurs multiple times in class "{1}". ) in parenthetical ) after condition ( after let ) after formal parameters ) after switch expression ) after with-statement object ) after argument list ( before catch-block condition ( before condition ( after for ) after for-loop control ) after variable list ( before function parameters. ( before switch expression ( before with-statement object formal parameter{0} has no properties. input for {0} {0} can not be used as the left-hand side of assignment or as an operand of ++ or -- operator.{0} is not a reference to read reference value.{0} is not a reference to set reference value to {1}. expressions are not available. {0} does not always return a value ; after for-loop initializer ; after for-loop condition ; before statement has no side effects while after do-loop body statements not allowed in strict mode
msg.nonjava.method=Java method "{0}" was invoked with {1} as "this" value that can not be converted to Java type {2}.
msg.not.class=Function importClass must be called with a class; had "{0}" instead.
msg.not.class.not.pkg="{0}" is neither a class nor a package.
msg.not.classloader=Constructor for "Packages" expects argument of type java.lang.Classloader
msg.not.ctor="{0}" is not a constructor.
msg.not.extensible=Cannot add properties to this object because extensible is false.
msg.not.function.interface=Property "{0}" is not a function in interface adapter {0} is not Java class: {1}. argument to getClass() to be a Java object.
msg.not.pkg=Function importPackage must be called with a package; had "{0}" instead. convert null to an object.
msg.obj.getter.parms=Expected static or delegated getter {0} to take a ScriptableObject parameter."{0}" may only be invoked from a "new" expression. one class may be extended by a JavaAdapter. Had {0} and {1}.
msg.op.not.allowed=This operation is not allowed.
msg.overlarge.backref=Overly large back reference {0}
msg.overlarge.max=Overly large maximum {0}
msg.overlarge.min=Overly large minimum {0}
msg.parm.redecl=TypeError: redeclaration of formal parameter {0}. package names may not be numbers.
msg.primitive.expected=Primitive type expected (had {0} instead)
msg.prop.defined=Cannot import "{0}" since a property by that name is already defined.
msg.prop.not.found=Property {0} not found. ) in regular expression.
msg.ref.undefined.prop=Reference to undefined property "{0}"
msg.remove.sealed=Cannot remove a property from a sealed object: {0}. is a reserved word
msg.reserved.keyword=illegal usage of future reserved keyword {0}; interpreting it as ordinary identifier
msg.return.inconsistent=return statement is inconsistent with previous usage objects are not constructors.
msg.send.newborn=Attempt to send value to newborn generator set property {0} that has only a getter.
msg.setter.bad.type=Unsupported parameter type "{0}" in setter "{1}".
msg.setter.parms=Expected either one or two parameters for setter.
msg.setter.return=Setter must have void return type: {0}
msg.setter1.parms=Expected single parameter setter for {0}
msg.setter2.expected=Expected static or delegated setter {0} to take two parameters.
msg.setter2.parms=Two-parameter setter must take a ScriptableObject as its first parameter.
msg.syntax=syntax error
msg.toisostring.must.return.primitive=toISOString must return a primitive value, but instead returned "{0}"
msg.too.big.index=Program too complex: internal index exceeds 64K limit.
msg.too.big.jump=Program too complex: too big jump offset.
msg.too.deep.parser.recursion=Too deep recursion while parsing
msg.too.many.constructor.args=Too many constructor arguments
msg.too.many.function.args=Too many function arguments
msg.trail.backslash=Trailing \ in regular expression.
msg.trailing.array.comma=Trailing comma in array literal has different cross-browser behavior''try'' without ''catch'' or ''finally''
msg.undef.label=undefined label call method "{1}" of {0}
msg.undef.prop.delete=Cannot delete property "{1}" of {0} read property "{1}" from {0}
msg.undef.prop.write=Cannot set property "{1}" of {0} to "{2}" convert undefined to an object.
msg.undef.with=Cannot apply "with" to {0}
msg.undefined.function.interface=Property "{0}" is not defined in interface adapter
msg.unexpected.eof=Unexpected end of file
msg.unterm.class=Unterminated character class {0}
msg.unterm.paren=Unterminated parenthetical {0}
msg.unterm.quant=Unterminated quantifier {0}
msg.unterminated.comment=unterminated comment regular expression literal
msg.unterminated.string.lit=unterminated string literal
msg.var.hides.arg=Variable {0} hides argument
msg.var.redecl=TypeError: redeclaration of var {0}.
msg.varargs.ctor=Method or constructor "{0}" must be static with the signature "(Context cx, Object[] args, Function ctorObj, boolean inNewExpr)" to define a variable arguments constructor. "{0}" must be static with the signature "(Context cx, Scriptable thisObj, Object[] args, Function funObj)" to define a variable arguments function.
msg.while.compiling.fn=Encountered code generation error while compiling function "{0}": {1}
msg.while.compiling.script=Encountered code generation error while compiling script: {0}
msg.yield.closing=Yield from closing generator
msg.yield.parenthesized=yield expression must be parenthesized. load class "{0}" which has no zero-parameter constructor. quantifier {0}
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