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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<preferences EXTERNAL_XML_VERSION="1.0">
  <root type="system">
    <map />
    <node name="org">
      <map />
      <node name="masukomi">
        <map />
        <node name="tools">
          <map />
          <node name="logging">
            <map />
              <node name="Logs">
	              <entry key="entriesLogFile" value="" />
	              <!-- enter the path to a log file as the value if you wish to have one -->
	              <entry key="logFileRequired" value="false" />
	              <!-- if this is true and it can't open the log file specified in entriesLogFile
	              	it will barf -->
	              <entry key="entriesToSystemOut" value="false" />
	              	would you like nicely formatted log messages printed to standard out?
	              <entry key="entryLogThreshold" value="DEBUG" />
	              <!-- options for entryLogThreshold are:
	              <entry key="entriesWarningLevel" value="-1" />
	              <!-- leave the following entries. they aren't currently used in Aspirin-->
	              <entry key="webmaster" value="" />
	              <entry key="smtpServer" value="localhost" />
	              <entry key="FATAL_htmlColor" value="#ff4533" />
                  <entry key="ERROR_htmlColor" value="#ffa018" />
                  <entry key="WARN_htmlColor" value="#ffce0b" />
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