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abstractClassesCannotInsertDocuments=Abstract classes can never insert index documents. Remove @Indexed.
ambiguousLatitudeDefinition=@Latitude definition for class '%1$s' is ambiguous: specified on both fields '%2$s' and '%3$s'
ambiguousLongitudeDefinition=@Longitude definition for class '%1$s' is ambiguous: specified on both fields '%2$s' and '%3$s'
assertionFailureCannotCastToWorkerBuilderContext=[AssertionFailure: open a bug report] SearchFactory from entityIndexBinder is not assignable to WorkerBuilderContext. Actual class is %1$s
attributeNotRecognizedNorSerializable=Attribute type is not recognized and not serializable: %1$s
backendError=Error in backend
cannotDeserializeField=Cannot deserialize field type %1$s, unknown field type.
cannotDeserializeOperation=Cannot deserialize operation %1$s, unknown operation.
cannotExtractCoordinateFromObject=Class %1$s does not implement the Coordinates interface
cannotExtractValueForIdentifier=FieldCache was enabled on class %1$s but for this type of identifier we can't extract values from the FieldCache: cache disabled
cannotFindCoordinatesNorLatLongForSpatial=Cannot find a Coordinates interface nor @Latitude/@Longitude annotations bound to the @Spatial name '%1$s' for class %2$s. It might be a typo (or a lapse) in @Latitude.of / @Longitude.of attributes.
cannotGetResultSizeWithCriteriaAndRestriction=Cannot safely compute getResultSize() when a Criteria with restriction is used. Use query.list().size() or query.getResultList().size(). Criteria at stake: %1$s
cannotGuessTransactionStatus=Cannot guess the Transaction Status: not starting a JTA transaction
cannotHaveTwoSpatialsWithDefaultOrSameName=Class %1$s cannot have two @Spatial using default/same name
cannotInstantiateClassBridgeOfType=Unable to instantiate ClassBridge of type %1$s defined on %2$s
cannotOpenIndexWriterCausePreviousError=Couldn't open the IndexWriter because of previous error: operation skipped, index ouf of sync!
cannotReadFieldForClass=Cannot read %1$s field from a %2$s object : does getter exists and is it public ?
cannotSerializeCustomField=Cannot serialize custom Fieldable '%1$s'. Must be NumericField, Field or a Serializable Fieldable implementation.
cantOpenCorruptedIndex=Could not open Lucene index: index data is corrupted. index name: '%1$s'
checkSizeMustBePositive=Chunk size must be positive: using default value.
closedBlackholeBackend=closed "blackhole" backend.
configuratioPropertyCantBeEmpty=Configuration property '%s' should not be empty: illegal format.
containedInPointsToProvidedId=@ContainedIn is pointing to an entity having @ProvidedId: %1$s. This is not supported, indexing of contained in entities will be skipped. Indexed data of the embedded object might become out of date in objects of type
conversionFromReaderToStringNotYetImplemented=Conversion from Reader to String not yet implemented
couldNotCloseResource=Could not close resource.
directoryProviderExceptionOnStop=DirectoryProvider raises an exception on stop()
duplicateDocumentIdFound=More than one @DocumentId specified on entity '%1$s'
entityWithNoShard=Cannot define an entity with 0 shard on '%1$s'
errorDuringBatchIndexing=Error during batch indexing:
errorExecutingRunnableInTransaction=Error while executing runnable wrapped in a JTA transaction
errorRollingBackTransaction=Error while rolling back transaction after %1$s
eventListenerWontBeRegistered=Property is set to false. No attempt will be made to register Hibernate Search event listeners.
exceptionDuringIndexMergeOperation=Exception during index Merge operation
failToDeserializeObject=Fail to deserialize object
failToSerializeObject=Fail to serialize object of type %1$s
failedSlaveDirectoryProviderInitialization=Failed to initialize SlaveDirectoryProvider %1$s
fieldBridgeNotAnInstanceof=FieldBridge passed in is not an instance of %1$s
fieldBridgeNotTwoWay=FieldBridge '%1$s' does not have a objectToString method: field '%2$s' in '%3$s' The FieldBridge must be a TwoWayFieldBridge or you have to enable the ignoreFieldBridge option when defining a Query
fieldLooksBinaryButDecompressionFailed=Field %1$s looks like binary but couldn't be decompressed
fileDoesNotExist=File %1$s does not exist
fileIsADirectory=%1$s is a directory and not a file
fileIsNotReadable=File %1$s is not readable
forceRemoveOnIndexOperationViaInterception=Interceptor enforces removal of index data instead of index operation %2$s on instance of class %1$s
forceSkipIndexOperationViaInterception=Interceptor enforces skip index operation %2$s on instance of class %1$s
forceToUseDocumentExtraction=Forced to use Document extraction to workaround FieldCache bug in Lucene
forceUpdateOnIndexOperationViaInterception=Interceptor enforces update of index data instead of index operation %2$s on instance of class %1$s
forcingReleaseIndexWriterLock=Going to force release of the IndexWriter lock
foundCurrentMarker=Found current marker in source directory - initialization succeeded
getFieldNameCannotBeNullException='null' is not a valid field name
getInconsistentSimilaritySettingBetweenAnnotationsAndConfigPropertiesException=Inconsistent similarities defined via annotations (%s) and configuration (%s)
getInvalidShardCountException=The number of shards must be >= 1. %s is an illegal value.
getMultipleEntitiesShareIndexWithInconsistentSimilarityException=Multiple entities are sharing the same index but are declaring an inconsistent Similarity. When overriding default Similarity make sure that all types sharing a same index declare the same Similarity implementation. %s defines similarity %s and %s defines similarity %s
getMultipleInconsistentSimilaritiesInClassHierarchyException=Multiple inconsistent similarities defined in the class hierarchy of %s
getNoSessionFactoryInContextException=Unable to start HibernateSessionFactoryServiceProvider. There is no session factory in the context. Are you sure you have Hibernate ORM enabled?
getNullSessionPassedToFullEntityManagerCreationException=Unable to create a FullTextEntityManager from a null EntityManager
getNullSessionPassedToFullTextSessionCreationException=Unable to create a FullTextSession from a null Session
getPropertyNameCannotBeNullException='null' is not a valid property name
getUnableToLoadShardingStrategyClassException=Unable to load configured class '%s' as 'sharding_strategy'
getUnableToNarrowFieldDescriptorException=Unable to cast %s of type %s to %s
idCannotBeExtracted=Unable to reindex entity on collection change, id cannot be extracted: %1$s
idHashShardingWithSingleShard=Selected sharding strategy is IdHashShardingStrategy. However, there is only 1 shard configured. Have you set the 'nbr_of_shards' property?
ignoringBackendOptionForIndex=Ignoring backend option for index '%1$s', configured IndexManager requires using '%2$s' instead.
illegalObjectRetrievedFromMessage=Illegal object retrieved from message
illegalServiceBuildPhase=Illegal state for service initialization
illegalStrategyWhenUsingDynamicSharding=Cannot set a sharding strategy when using dynamic sharding on '%1$s'
incompatibleProtocolVersion=Unable to parse message from protocol version %1$d.%2$d. Current protocol version: %3$d.%4$d
inconsistentFieldConfiguration=There are multiple properties indexed against the same field name '%1$s', but with different indexing settings. The behaviour is undefined.
incorrectMessageType=Incorrect message type: %1$s
indexDirectoryNotFoundCreatingNewOne=Index directory not found, creating: '%1$s'
indexManagerAliasResolved=IndexManager factory resolved alias '%1$s' to '%2$s'.
indexManagerUsesSerializationService=Serialization service %2$s being used for index '%1$s'
indexingCompletedAndMBeanUnregistered=Indexing completed. Reindexed %1$d entities. Unregistering MBean from server
indexingDocumentsCompleted=%1$d documents indexed in %2$d ms
indexingEntities=Going to reindex %d entities
indexingEntitiesCompleted=Reindexed %1$d entities
indexingSpeed=Indexing speed: %1$f documents/second; progress: %2$.2f%%
initializedBlackholeBackend=initialized "blackhole" backend. Index changes will be prepared but discarded!
interruptedBatchIndexing=Batch indexing was interrupted
interruptedWhileWaitingForIndexActivity=Was interrupted while waiting for index activity to finish. Index might be inconsistent or have a stale lock
interruptedWorkError=Work discarded, thread was interrupted while waiting for space to schedule: %1$s
ioExceptionOnIndex=An IOException happened while accessing the Lucene index '%1$s'
ioExceptionOnIndexWriter=IOException on the IndexWriter
jGroupsChannelCreationFromStringError=Error while trying to create a channel using config string: %1$s
jGroupsChannelCreationUsingFileError=Error while trying to create a channel using config file: %1$s
jGroupsChannelCreationUsingXmlError=Error while trying to create a channel using config XML: %1$s
jGroupsChannelInjectionError=Object injected for JGroups channel in is of an unexpected type %1$s (expecting org.jgroups.JChannel)
jGroupsClosingChannelError=Problem closing channel; setting it to null
jGroupsConfigurationNotFoundInProperties=Unable to use any JGroups configuration mechanisms provided in properties %1$s. Using default JGroups configuration file!
jGroupsConnectedToCluster=Connected to cluster [ %1$s ]. The local Address is %2$s
jGroupsDefaultConfigurationFileNotFound=Default JGroups configuration file was not found. Attempt to start JGroups channel with default configuration!
jGroupsDisconnectingAndClosingChannel=Disconnecting and closing JGroups Channel to cluster '%1$s'
jGroupsFlushNotPresentInStack=FLUSH is not present in your JGroups stack! FLUSH is needed to ensure messages are not dropped while new nodes join the cluster. Will proceed, but inconsistencies may arise!
jGroupsMuxIdAlreadyTaken=MuxId '%1$d' configured on the JGroups was already taken. Can't register handler!
jGroupsReceivedNewClusterView=Received new cluster view: %1$s
jGroupsStartingChannelProvider=Starting JGroups ChannelProvider
jgroupsBlockWaitingForAck=JGroups backend configured for index '%1$s' using block_for_ack '%2$s'
jgroupsFullConfiguration=Using JGroups channel having configuration '%1$s'
jgroupsRemoteException=Exception reported from remote JGroups node '%1$s' : '%2$s'
jgroupsRpcTimeout=Timeout sending synchronous message to JGroups peer '%1$s''
jgroupsSuspectingPeer=Remote JGroups peer '%1$s' is suspected to have left '
jmsLookupException=Unable to lookup Search queue '%1$s' and connection factory '%2$s' for index '%3$s'
legacyJGroupsConfigurationDefined=JGroups channel configuration should be specified in the global section [], not as an IndexManager property for index '%1$s'. See
massIndexerIndexWriterThreadsIgnored=The option 'threadsForIndexWriter' of the MassIndexer is deprecated and is being ignored! Control the size of worker.thread_pool.size for each index instead.
massIndexerUnableToIndexInstance=Unable to index instance of type %s while batch indexing: %s
massIndexerUnexpectedErrorMessage=Unexpected error during MassIndexer operation
messageReceivedForUndefinedIndex=Received a remote message about an unknown index '%1$s': discarding message!
missingJGroupsMuxId=Configured JGroups channel is a Muxer! MuxId option is required: define ''.
needAtLeastOneIndexName=At least one index name must be provided: can't open an IndexReader on nothing
needAtLeastOneIndexedEntityType=At least one entity type must be provided: can't open an IndexReader on nothing
noCurrentMarkerInSourceDirectory=No current marker in source directory. Has the master being started already?
noDocumentIdFoundException=Unable to find a valid document id for entity '%1$s'
noFieldBridgeInterfaceImplementedByClassBridge=@ClassBridge implementation '%1$s' should implement either, or
noFieldBridgeInterfaceImplementedByFieldBridge=@FieldBridge implementation implements none of the field bridge interfaces: %1$s in %2$s
noImplementationClassInFieldBridge=@FieldBridge with no implementation class defined in: %1$s
notAnIndexedType=%1$s is not an indexed type
notChangeTimestamp=Could not change timestamp for %1$s. Index synchronization may be slow.
notDeleted=Could not delete %1$s
nullIsInvalidIndexName='null' is not a valid index name
nullIsInvalidIndexedType='null' is not a valid indexed type
optimizationSkippedStillBusy=Skipping optimization on index %1$s as it is already being optimized
pushedChangesOutOfTransaction=It appears changes are being pushed to the index out of a transaction. Register the IndexWorkFlushEventListener listener on flush to correctly manage Collections!
queryWithNoTermsAfterAnalysis=The query string '%2$s' applied on field '%1$s' has no meaningfull tokens to be matched. Validate the query input against the Analyzer applied on this field.
readerProviderExceptionOnDestroy=ReaderProvider raises an exception on destroy()
readersNotProperlyClosedInReaderProvider=ReaderProvider contains readers not properly closed at destroy time
receivedEmptyLuceneWorksInMessage=Received null or empty Lucene works list in message.
recommendConfiguringLuceneVersion=Configuration setting was not specified, using LUCENE_CURRENT.
requestedIndexNotDefined=Index names %1$s is not defined
serializationProtocol=Serialization protocol version %1$d.%2$d initialized
serviceProviderNotReleased=Service provider has been used but not released: %1$s
shuttingDownBackend=Shutting down backend for IndexManager '%1$s'
similarityInstantiationException=Exception attempting to instantiate Similarity '%1$s' set for %2$s
skippingDirectorySynchronization=Skipping directory synchronization, previous work still in progress: %1$s
spatialFieldNameNotDefined=Spatial field name not defined for class level annotation on class %1$s
startingJGroupsChannel=Starting JGroups channel using configuration '%1$s'
stopServiceFailed=Fail to properly stop service: %1$s
targetedFieldNotSpatial=The field used for the spatial query is not using SpatialFieldBridge: %1$s.%2$s
terminatingBatchWorkCanCauseInconsistentState=Terminating batch work! Index might end up in inconsistent state.
unableConnectingToJGroupsCluster=Unable to connect to: [%1$s] JGroups channel
unableToCloseJmsConnection=Unable to close JMS connection for %1$s
unableToCloseLuceneDirectory=Unable to properly close Lucene directory %1$s
unableToCloseLuceneIndexReader=Unable to close Lucene IndexReader
unableToCloseSearcherDuringQuery=Unable to properly close searcher during lucene query: %1$s
unableToCloseSearcherInScrollableResult=Unable to properly close searcher in ScrollableResults
unableToCompareSourceWithDestinationDirectory=Unable to compare %1$s with %2$s.
unableToConfigureTikaBridge=Unable to configure %1$s
unableToConvertSerializableIndexToLuceneIndex=Unable to convert serializable Index to Lucene Index: %1$s
unableToConvertSerializableStoreToLuceneStore=Unable to convert serializable Store to Lucene Store: %1$s
unableToConvertSerializableTermVectorToLuceneTermVector=Unable to convert serializable TermVector to Lucene TermVector: %1$s
unableToCreateCurrentMarker=Unable to create current marker in source of %1$s
unableToDeserializeAvroStream=Unable to deserialize Avro stream
unableToDetermineClassBridge=Unable to determine ClassBridge for %1$s
unableToDetermineCurrentInSourceDirectory=Unable to determine current in source directory, will try again during the next synchronization
unableToGetInputStreamFromBlob=Unable to get input stream from blob data
unableToGuessFieldBridge=Unable to guess FieldBridge for %2$s in %1$s
unableToInitializeIndexManager=Unable to initialize IndexManager %1$s
unableToInstantiateFieldBridge=Unable to instantiate FieldBridge for %1$s of class %2$s
unableToInstantiateSpatial=Unable to instantiate Spatial defined on %1$s
unableToLoadResource=Could not load resource: '%1$s'
unableToOpenJMSConnection=Unable to open JMS connection on queue '%2$s' for index '%1$s'
unableToParseDocument=Document could not be parsed
unableToReadFile=Unable to read file %1$s
unableToReadSerializedLuceneWorks=Unable to read serialized List<LuceneWork>
unableToReadTokenStream=Unable to read TokenStream
unableToRemovePreviousMarket=Unable to remove previous marker file from source of %1$s
unableToRetrieveNamedAnalyzer=Unable to retrieve named analyzer: %1$s
unableToRetrieveObjectFromMessage=Unable to retrieve object from message: %1$s
unableToSendJMSWork=Unable to send Search work to JMS queue '%2$s' for index '%1$s'
unableToSendWorkViaJGroups=Unable to send Lucene update work via JGroups cluster
unableToSerializeInAvro=Unable to serialize Lucene works in Avro
unableToSerializeLuceneWorks=Unable to serialize List<LuceneWork>
unableToShutdownAsynchronousIndexing=Unable to properly shut down asynchronous indexing work
unableToShutdownAsynchronousIndexingByTimeout=Timed out waiting to flush all operations to the backend of index %1$s
unableToStartJGroupsChannel=Unable to start JGroups channel
unableToStartSerializationLayer=Unable to start serialization layer
unableToSynchronizeSource=Unable to synchronize source of %1$s
unableToUnregisterExistingMBean=Unable to un-register existing MBean: %1$s
unexpectedErrorInLuceneBackend=Unexpected error in Lucene Backend:
unexpectedValueMissingFromFieldCache=Unexpected: value is missing from FieldCache. This is likely a bug in the FieldCache implementation, Hibernate Search might have to workaround this by slightly inaccurate faceting values or reduced performance.
unknownArrayBridgeForResolution=Unknown ArrayBridge for resolution: %1$s
unknownAttributeSerializedRepresentation=Unknown attribute serialized representation: %1$s
unknownFieldType=Unknown Field type: %1$s
unknownFullTextFilter=Unknown @FullTextFilter: '%1$s'
unknownIterableBridgeForResolution=Unknown IterableBridge for resolution: %1$s
unknownMapBridgeForResolution=Unknown MapBridge for resolution: %1$s
unknownNumericFieldType=Unknown NumericField type: %1$s
unknownResolution=Unknown Resolution: %1$s
unsupportedTikaBridgeType=Unable to get input stream from blob data
updatedDirectoryProviders=update DirectoryProviders "blackhole" backend. Index changes will be prepared but discarded!
version=Hibernate Search %1$s
warnSuspiciousBackendDirectoryCombination=The index '%1$s' is using a non-recommended combination of backend and directoryProvider implementations
workerException=Worker raises an exception on close()
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