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<!DOCTYPE html>
		<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
		<title>Please approve the public reference</title>
	<body marginwidth="80" marginheight="10">
		Dear e!DAL-$reviewerType reviewer,
		<br />
		<br />
		we recently recieved a data publication request by $principal.
		<br />
		Please check the submission carefully and state if it can be
		as $id data publication.
		<br />
		<br /><b>
		<a href="$landingpage">$infos_string</a></b>
		<br />
		<br />
		You are named to replace the scientific reviewer in case he is not on
		duty. In that case, you may decide to accept or reject this request.
		<br />
		<br />
		Please note, this decision may be undo by veto of the
		managing reviewer.
		<br />
		<br />
			<a href="$acceptURL">YES</a>
			, the submission can be published online as DOI featured citable
			<br />
			<br />
			<a href="$rejectURL">NO</a>
			, I have major doubts and reject the submission.
		<br />
		<br />
		Thanks for your kind support,
		<br />
		The e!DAL research data publication system!
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