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  /* CVS $Id: $ */
  package de.unibonn.iai.eis.luzzu.semantics.vocabularies; 
Vocabulary definitions from src/main/resources/vocabularies/cube/sdmx-attribute.ttl

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  public class SDMXATTRIBUTE {

The RDF model that holds the vocabulary terms

     private static Model m_model = ModelFactory.createDefaultModel();

The namespace of the vocabulary as a string

     public static final String NS = "";

The namespace of the vocabulary as a string

See also:
     public static String getURI() {return ;}

The namespace of the vocabulary as a resource

     public static final Resource NAMESPACE = .createResource );

The ease and the conditions under which statistical information can be obtained.

     public static final Property accessibility = .createProperty"" );

Closeness of computations or estimates to the exact or true values that the statistics were intended to measure.

     public static final Property accuracy = .createProperty"" );

Assessment of accuracy, linked to a certain data set or domain, which is summarising the various components into one single measure.

     public static final Property accuracyOverall = .createProperty"" );

Type of adjustment used, represented by a code.

     public static final Property adjustCoded = .createProperty"" );

Textual description of the type of adjustment used.

     public static final Property adjustDetail = .createProperty"" );

The set of procedures employed to modify statistical data to enable it to conform to national or international standards or to address data quality differences when compiling specific data sets.

     public static final Property adjustment = .createProperty"" );

Policy on notifying the public of changes in methodology, indicating whether the public is notified before a methodological change affects disseminated data and, if so, how long before.

     public static final Property advNotice = .createProperty"" );

The period of time used as the base of an index number, or to which a constant price series refers.

     public static final Property basePer = .createProperty"" );

The extent to which easily comprehensible metadata are available, where these metadata are necessary to give a full understanding of statistical data.

     public static final Property clarity = .createProperty"" );

Arrangement or division of objects into groups based on characteristics which the objects have in common.

     public static final Property classSystem = .createProperty"" );

Extent to which statistics are consistent within a given data set.

     public static final Property coherInternal = .createProperty"" );

Extent to which statistics are reconcilable with those obtained through other data sources or statistical domains.

     public static final Property coherXDom = .createProperty"" );

Adequacy of statistics to be combined in different ways and for various uses.

     public static final Property coherence = .createProperty"" );

Systematic process of gathering data for official statistics.

     public static final Property collMethod = .createProperty"" );

Supplementary descriptive text which can be attached to data or metadata.

     public static final Property comment = .createProperty"" );

Extent to which statistics are comparable between different statistical domains.

     public static final Property comparDomains = .createProperty"" );

Extent to which statistics are comparable between geographical areas.

     public static final Property comparGeo = .createProperty"" );

Extent to which statistics are comparable or reconcilable over time.

     public static final Property comparTime = .createProperty"" );

The extent to which differences between statistics can be attributed to differences between the true values of the statistical characteristics.

     public static final Property comparability = .createProperty"" );

The organisation compiling the data being reported.

    public static final Property compilingOrg = .createProperty"" );

The extent to which all statistics that are needed are available.

    public static final Property completeness = .createProperty"" );

A property of data indicating the extent to which their unauthorised disclosure could be prejudicial or harmful to the interest of the source or other relevant parties.

    public static final Property conf = .createProperty"" );

Rules applied for treating the data set to ensure statistical confidentiality and prevent unauthorised disclosure.

    public static final Property confDataTr = .createProperty"" );

Legislative measures or other formal procedures which prevent unauthorised disclosure of data that identify a person or economic entity either directly or indirectly.

    public static final Property confPolicy = .createProperty"" );

Information about the confidentiality status of the object to which this attribute is attached.

    public static final Property confStatus = .createProperty"" );

Individual or organisational contact points for the data or metadata, including information on how to reach the contact points.

    public static final Property contact = .createProperty"" );

E-mail address of the contact points for the data or metadata.

    public static final Property contactEmail = .createProperty"" );

Fax number of the contact points for the data or metadata.

    public static final Property contactFax = .createProperty"" );

The area of technical responsibility of the contact, such as "methodology", "database management" or "dissemination".

    public static final Property contactFunct = .createProperty"" );

The postal address of the contact points for the data or metadata.

    public static final Property contactMail = .createProperty"" );

The name of the contact points for the data or metadata.

    public static final Property contactName = .createProperty"" );

The name of the organisation of the contact points for the data or metadata.

    public static final Property contactOrganisation = .createProperty"" );

The telephone number of the contact points for the data or metadata.

    public static final Property contactPhone = .createProperty"" );

Costs associated with the collection and production of a statistical product and burden on respondents.

    public static final Property costBurden = .createProperty"" );

Cost benefit analysis, effectiveness of execution of medium term statistical programs, and ensuring efficient use of resources.

    public static final Property costBurdenEff = .createProperty"" );

Staff, facilities, computing resources, and financing to undertake statistical production.

    public static final Property costBurdenRes = .createProperty"" );

The definition of the population that statistics aim to cover.

    public static final Property coverage = .createProperty"" );

Main economic or other sectors covered by the statistics.

    public static final Property coverageSector = .createProperty"" );

The length of time for which data are available.

    public static final Property coverageTime = .createProperty"" );

Monetary denomination of the object being measured.

    public static final Property currency = .createProperty"" );

Operations performed on data to derive new information according to a given set of rules.

    public static final Property dataComp = .createProperty"" );

Main characteristics of the data set described in an easily understandable manner, referring to the data and indicators disseminated.

    public static final Property dataDescr = .createProperty"" );

Activity aimed at detecting and correcting errors, logical inconsistencies and suspicious data.

    public static final Property dataEditing = .createProperty"" );

Description of the disseminated data.

    public static final Property dataPres = .createProperty"" );

Organisation which produces data or metadata

    public static final Property dataProvider = .createProperty"" );

Any change in a value of a statistic released to the public.

    public static final Property dataRev = .createProperty"" );

The date on which the data element was inserted or modified in the database.

    public static final Property dataUpdate = .createProperty"" );

Validation that intermediate calculations leading to statistical outputs have been correctly done.

    public static final Property dataValInter = .createProperty"" );

Assessment of discrepancies and other problems in statistical outputs.

    public static final Property dataValOutput = .createProperty"" );

Assessment of discrepancies and other problems related to source data.

    public static final Property dataValSource = .createProperty"" );

Process of monitoring the results of data compilation and ensuring the quality of the statistical results.

    public static final Property dataValidation = .createProperty"" );

The number of digits of an observation to the right of a decimal point.

    public static final Property decimals = .createProperty"" );

Disseminated domain, measure, and time period breakdowns of statistics in the dataset.

    public static final Property dissDet = .createProperty"" );

Media by which statistical data and metadata are disseminated.

    public static final Property dissFormat = .createProperty"" );

The organisation disseminating the data.

    public static final Property dissOrg = .createProperty"" );

References to the most important other data dissemination done.

    public static final Property dissOther = .createProperty"" );

Descriptive text and references to methodological documents available.

    public static final Property docMethod = .createProperty"" );

Sequence of characters identifying the data set with which it is associated.

    public static final Property dsi = .createProperty"" );

The exact time at which the data could be made available to the public.

    public static final Property embargoTime = .createProperty"" );

Frequency with which the source data are collected.

    public static final Property freqColl = .createProperty"" );

A further specification of the frequency to include more detailed information about the type of frequency and frequencies not commonly used.

    public static final Property freqDetail = .createProperty"" );

The time interval at which the statistics are disseminated over a given time period.

    public static final Property freqDiss = .createProperty"" );

Form of consolidation used in presenting the data.

    public static final Property grossNet = .createProperty"" );

Measures to encourage statistical reporting and/or to sanction non-reporting.

    public static final Property iMResRel = .createProperty"" );

The type of index number used in the statistical production process.

    public static final Property indType = .createProperty"" );

Legal acts or other formal or informal agreements that assign responsibility as well as the authority to an agency for the collection, processing, and dissemination of statistics.

    public static final Property instManLaOa = .createProperty"" );

Arrangements or procedures for data sharing and coordination between data producing agencies.

    public static final Property instManShar = .createProperty"" );

Set of rules or other formal set of instructions assigning responsibility as well as the authority to an organisation for the collection, processing, and dissemination of statistics.

    public static final Property instMandate = .createProperty"" );

The organisation or other expert body that maintains a domain-specific data or metadata structure definition.

    public static final Property mAgency = .createProperty"" );

Date of the latest certification provided by the domain manager to confirm that the metadata posted are still up-to-date, even if the content has not been amended.

    public static final Property metaCertified = .createProperty"" );

Date of last update of the content of the metadata.

    public static final Property metaLastUpdate = .createProperty"" );

Date of the latest dissemination of the metadata.

    public static final Property metaPosted = .createProperty"" );

The date on which the metadata element was inserted or modified in the database.

    public static final Property metaUpdate = .createProperty"" );

Information on whether micro-data are also disseminated.

    public static final Property microDatAcc = .createProperty"" );

Regular or ad-hoc press releases linked to the data.

    public static final Property newsRel = .createProperty"" );

Error in sample estimates which cannot be attributed to sampling fluctuations.

    public static final Property nonsamplingErr = .createProperty"" );

The observation, at a time series break period, that was calculated using the old methodology.

    public static final Property obsPreBreak = .createProperty"" );

Information on the quality of a value or an unusual or missing value.

    public static final Property obsStatus = .createProperty"" );

Information about on-line databases in which the disseminated data can be accessed.

    public static final Property onlineDb = .createProperty"" );

An addressable subdivision of an organization.

    public static final Property organisationUnit = .createProperty"" );

The data identifier as found in the originating database.

    public static final Property origDataId = .createProperty"" );

The standard, skill and ability suitable for producing statistics of good quality.

    public static final Property prof = .createProperty"" );

Provision for assuring the qualifications of staff and allowing staff to perform their functions without intervention motivated by non-statistical objectives.

    public static final Property profCond = .createProperty"" );

Description of the elements providing assurances that statistics are produced on an impartial basis.

    public static final Property profImp = .createProperty"" );

Describes the elements providing assurances that the choices of sources and statistical techniques as well as decisions about dissemination are informed solely by statistical considerations.

    public static final Property profMeth = .createProperty"" );

Describes the elements providing assurances that the statistical entity is entitled to comment on erroneous interpretation and misuse of statistics.

    public static final Property profStatCom = .createProperty"" );

Regular or ad-hoc publications in which the data are made available to the public.

    public static final Property publications = .createProperty"" );

Time lag between the actual delivery of the data and the target date when it should have been delivered.

    public static final Property punctuality = .createProperty"" );

Overall assessment of data quality, based on standard quality criteria.

    public static final Property qualityAssmnt = .createProperty"" );

Guidelines focusing on quality in general and dealing with quality of statistical programmes, including measures for ensuring the efficient use of resources.

    public static final Property qualityAssure = .createProperty"" );

Documentation on procedures applied for quality management and quality assessment.

    public static final Property qualityDoc = .createProperty"" );

Systems and frameworks in place within an organisation to manage the quality of statistical products and processes.

    public static final Property qualityMgmnt = .createProperty"" );

Processes and standards employed in calculating statistical aggregates.

    public static final Property recording = .createProperty"" );

Dates or periods to which the observations used to compile the weights refer.

    public static final Property refPerWgts = .createProperty"" );

Access to the release calendar information.

    public static final Property relCalAccess = .createProperty"" );

The schedule of statistical release dates.

    public static final Property relCalPolicy = .createProperty"" );

Legal acts and other agreements pertaining to data access.

    public static final Property relComment = .createProperty"" );

Legal acts and other agreements pertaining to data access.

    public static final Property relPolLegActs = .createProperty"" );

Dissemination of the release policy to the public.

    public static final Property relPolTra = .createProperty"" );

The policy for release of the data to users, the scope of dissemination (eg, to the public, to selected users), how users are informed that the data are being released, and whether the policy provides determines the dissemination of statistical data to all users.

    public static final Property relPolUsAc = .createProperty"" );

Rules for disseminating statistical data to interested parties.

    public static final Property relPolicy = .createProperty"" );

The degree to which statistical information meets the real or perceived needs of clients.

    public static final Property relevance = .createProperty"" );

The organisation that supplies the data for a given instance of the statistics.

    public static final Property repAgency = .createProperty"" );

Policy aimed at ensuring the transparency of disseminated data, whereby preliminary data are compiled that are later revised.

    public static final Property revPolicy = .createProperty"" );

Information on the data revision practice.

    public static final Property revPractice = .createProperty"" );

Information about data revision studies and analyses.

    public static final Property revStudy = .createProperty"" );

The process of selecting a number of cases from all the cases in a particular group or universe.

    public static final Property sampling = .createProperty"" );

That part of the difference between a population value and an estimate thereof, derived from a random sample, which is due to the fact that only a subset of the population is enumerated.

    public static final Property samplingErr = .createProperty"" );

Characteristics and components of the raw statistical data used for compiling statistical aggregates.

    public static final Property sourceType = .createProperty"" );

Statistical characteristics of statistical observations.

    public static final Property statConcDef = .createProperty"" );

The total membership or population or "universe" of a defined class of people, objects or events.

    public static final Property statPop = .createProperty"" );

Entity for which information is sought and for which statistics are ultimately compiled.

    public static final Property statUnit = .createProperty"" );

Technical format in which time is represented for the measured phenomenon.

    public static final Property timeFormat = .createProperty"" );

The lapse of time between the end of a reference period and dissemination of the data.

    public static final Property timeOutput = .createProperty"" );

Dates or periods during which the observations have been collected (such as middle, average or end of period) to compile the indicator for the target reference period.

    public static final Property timePerCollect = .createProperty"" );

The time between the end of a reference period and actual receipt of the data by the compiling agency.

    public static final Property timeSource = .createProperty"" );

Length of time between data availability and the event or phenomenon they describe.

    public static final Property timeliness = .createProperty"" );

Textual label used as identification of a statistical object.

    public static final Property title = .createProperty"" );

Additional textual information on the unit of measure.

    public static final Property unitMeasDetail = .createProperty"" );

The unit in which the data values are measured.

    public static final Property unitMeasure = .createProperty"" );

Exponent in base 10 specified so that multiplying the observation numeric values by 10^UNIT_MULT gives a value expressed in the UNIT.

    public static final Property unitMult = .createProperty"" );

Description of users and their respective needs with respect to the statistical data.

    public static final Property userNeeds = .createProperty"" );

Measure to determine user satisfaction.

    public static final Property userSat = .createProperty"" );

The definition of the price per unit, for goods and services flows and asset stocks.

    public static final Property valuation = .createProperty"" );

The secondary area, as opposed to reference area, to which the measured data is in relation.

    public static final Property visArea = .createProperty"" );
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