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algNotSup=[JGLOBUS-22] Algorithm not supported.
byteArrayErr=[JGLOBUS-38] Failed to convert to byte array
certChainNull=[JGLOBUS-36] Certificate chain is null
certFileNull=[JGLOBUS-13] Certificate file is null
certNull=[JGLOBUS-26] Certificate is null
certReqVerification=[JGLOBUS-28] Certificate request verification failed
certTypeErr=[JGLOBUS-35] Unexpected certificate type: "{0}"
certVerifyError=[JGLOBUS-116] Certificate validation failed.
credInpStreamNull=[JGLOBUS-18] Credential input stream cannot be null
crlFileNull=[JGLOBUS-15] CRL file is null
dataNull=[JGLOBUS-20] Data is null
emptySubjects=Line format is incorrect, subject DNs list is empty. Invalid line is: "{0}"
encPrivKey=[JGLOBUS-6] Private key file must not be encrypted.
error00=[JGLOBUS-9] Failed to load credentials.
expired00=[JGLOBUS-10] Expired credentials.
extensionNull=[JGLOBUS-27] Extension is null
invalidAccessId=File format is incorrect. Expected line to start with access_id. Invalid line: "{0}"
invalidCaDN=Line format is incorrect, CA DN with space should be enclosed in quotes. Invalid section of the line is: "{0}"
invalidLine=File format is incorrect. Each line should start with access_id, pos_rights, neg_rights or cond_. Invalid line: "{0}"
invalidNegRights=File format is incorrect. neg_rights cannot be used here. Invalid line: "{0}"
invalidPosRights=File format is incorrect. pos_rights cannot be used here. Invalid line: "{0}"
invalidProxyType=[JGLOBUS-30] Invalid proxyType
invalidRestriction=Line format is incorrect, Mismatched quotations in allowed subjects. Invalid line is: "{0}"
invalidRestrictions=File format is incorrect. Restrictions cannot be used here. Invalid line: "{0}"
invalidSubjects=Line format is incorrect, subject DNs with space should be enclosed in quotes. Invalid line is: "{0}"
invalidTokens=Line format is incorrect, atleast three tokens are expected. Invalid line: "{0}"
ioError00=[JGLOBUS-7] Failed to load credentials.
ivLength=[JGLOBUS-24] Expected IV length of "{0}" but got "{1}"
keyUsageExt=[JGLOBUS-31] KeyUsage extension present in isuer certificate, but also provided in X509Extension map. This is unsupported.
noCertData=[JGLOBUS-14] Certificate data not found.
noCerts00=[JGLOBUS-11] No certificates loaded
noCrlData=[JGLOBUS-16] CRL data not found.
noKey00=[JGLOBUS-12] No private key loaded
noPrivateKey=[JGLOBUS-21] PRIVATE KEY section not found.
octetExp=[JGLOBUS-37] Expected octet string
oidNull=[JGLOBUS-25] OID is null
pemFooter=[JGLOBUS-19] PEM footer missing
proxyCertCritical=[JGLOBUS-33] ProxyCertInfo extension must be critical
proxyDNErr=[JGLOBUS-34] Issuer name + proxy CN entry is not equal to subject name
proxyFileNull=[JGLOBUS-17] Proxy file is null
proxyNotFound=[JGLOBUS-5] Proxy file ({0}) not found.
restrictProxy=[JGLOBUS-29] Restricted proxy requires ProxyCertInfo extension
secError00=[JGLOBUS-8] Failed to load credentials.
unmatchedQuotes=Line format is incorrect, unmatched quotes. Invalid line is: "{0}"
unsupEnc=[JGLOBUS-23] Unsupported encryption: "{0}"
unsupportedProxy=[JGLOBUS-32] Unsupported proxyType : "{0}"
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