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certsNull=[JGLOBUS-76] Certificate array is null
limitedProxy=[JGLOBUS-85] Limited proxies not accepted
proxyErr00=[JGLOBUS-78] CA certificate cannot sign Proxy Certificate
proxyErr01=[JGLOBUS-79] CA Certificate does not allow path length > "{0}" and path length is "{1}"
proxyErr02=[JGLOBUS-80] Proxy Certificate can only sign another proxy of the same type
proxyErr03=[JGLOBUS-81] Proxy Certificate cannot be used to sign another Proxy Certificate. Proxy path length constraint is 0.
proxyErr04=[JGLOBUS-82] Proxy Certificate does not allow path length > "{0}" and path length is "{1}"
proxyErr05=[JGLOBUS-83] End Entity Certificate can only sign Proxy Certificates
proxyErr06=[JGLOBUS-84] Unknown cert type "{0}"
proxyErr07=[JGLOBUS-86] Could not retreive ProxyCertInfo extension
proxyErr08=[JGLOBUS-87] Could not retreive ProxyPolicy from ProxyCertInfo extension
proxyErr09=[JGLOBUS-88] Unknown Policy "{0}"
proxyErr10=[JGLOBUS-89] KeyUsage extension present but keyCertSign bit not asserted
proxyErr11=[JGLOBUS-90] Proxy certificate cannot contain subject or issuer alternative name extension
proxyErr12=[JGLOBUS-91] Proxy certificate cannot have BasicConstraint CA=true
proxyErr13=[JGLOBUS-92] The keyCertSign and nonRepudiation bits must not be asserted in Proxy Certificate
proxyErr14=[JGLOBUS-93] Bad KeyUsage in Proxy Certificate
proxyErr15=[JGLOBUS-94] KeyUsage extension in Proxy Certificate is not critical
proxyErr16=[JGLOBUS-95] Unsuppored critical exception : "{0}"
proxyErr17=[JGLOBUS-96] Certificate "{0}" expired. Certificate valid till "{1}" and current time is "{2}"
proxyErr18=[JGLOBUS-97] Certificate "{0}" not yet valid. Certificate valid from "{1}" and current time is "{2}"
proxyErr19=[JGLOBUS-98] Trusted certificates are null, cannot verify CRLs
proxyErr20=[JGLOBUS-99] CRL verification failed
proxyErr21=[JGLOBUS-100] This certificate "{0}" is on a CRL
proxyErr22=[JGLOBUS-101] Extension is null
proxyErr23=[JGLOBUS-102] Oid cannot be changed
proxyErr24=[JGLOBUS-103] Critical property cannot be changed
proxyErr25=[JGLOBUS-104] Invalid sequnece
proxyErr26=[JGLOBUS-105] Unable convert byte array:
proxyErr27=[JGLOBUS-106] Unknown object in factory
proxyErr28=[JGLOBUS-107] ProxyCertInfo is null
proxyErr29=[JGLOBUS-108] Critical property cannot be changed
proxyErr30=[JGLOBUS-109] Invalid sequence
proxyErr31=[JGLOBUS-110] Policy langauge oid required
proxyErr32=[JGLOBUS-111] Constraints violation
proxyErr33=No signing policy file found for CA "{0}"
proxyErr34="{0}" violates the signing policy defined for CA "{1}" in file "{2}"
proxyErr35=No relevant signing policy for CA "{0}" in file "{1}"
proxyErr36=CRL for CA "{0}" has expired.
proxyPolicyId=[JGLOBUS-74] Proxy Policy id is null
proxyPolixyHandler=[JGLOBUS-75] Proxy Policy handler is null
unknownCA=[JGLOBUS-77] Unknown CA
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