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acceptCtx00=[JGLOBUS-60] Non-anonymous credential required for acceptor
anonCred00=[JGLOBUS-66] Cannot export anonymous credential
authFailed00=[JGLOBUS-56] Authorization failed. Expected "{0}" target but received "{1}"
badCredUsage=[JGLOBUS-61] Invalid credential usage
badDelegType=[JGLOBUS-42] Delegation type not supported
badGssMode=[JGLOBUS-43] GSS mode not supported
badLifetime00=[JGLOBUS-53] Indefinite lifetime not supported
badLifetime01=[JGLOBUS-54] Credential lifetime not supported
badName00=[JGLOBUS-65] Bad hostbased service name. "@" missing
badType=[JGLOBUS-39] Invalid option type. Expected {1} type
delegError00=[JGLOBUS-64] Invalid initial hello message, expecting: "D", received: {0}
initCtx00=[JGLOBUS-57] Cannot request delegation in SSL compatibility mode
initCtx01=[JGLOBUS-58] Cannot request delegation and be anonymous
initCtx02=[JGLOBUS-59] Cannot request delegation without authorization (target name null)
instanError=[JGLOBUS-73] Unable to instantiate "{0}" class
integOn=[JGLOBUS-47] Integrity is always enabled
invalidBuf=[JGLOBUS-63] Invalid buffer
invalidJaasSubject=[JGLOBUS-71] Invalid JaasSubject provider class: "{0}" className
keyMismatch=[JGLOBUS-70] Private/Public key mismatch
loadError=[JGLOBUS-72] Unable to load "{0}" class
mutualAuthOn=[JGLOBUS-48] Mutual authentication is always enabled
noCaCerts=[JGLOBUS-69] Cannot find any trusted certificates
noClientCert=[JGLOBUS-62] Client certificates expected
notCACert=[JGLOBUS-67] The signing certificate is not a CA certificate (has no BasicConstraint extension)
nullOption=[JGLOBUS-40] Option cannot be null
nullOptionValue=[JGLOBUS-41] Option value cannot be null
proxySign=[JGLOBUS-68] Invalid proxy certificate
proxyViolation=[JGLOBUS-55] Limited proxies not accepted
replayDet=[JGLOBUS-45] Replay detection is always enabled
seqDet=[JGLOBUS-46] Sequence checking is always enabled
tokenFail00=[JGLOBUS-49] Token length of {0} does not match size of message digest {1}
tokenFail01=[JGLOBUS-50] Message buffer length of {0} does not match expected length of {1} in token
tokenFail02=[JGLOBUS-51] Message digest and token's contents are not equal
tokenFail03=[JGLOBUS-52] Invalid token
unknownOption=[JGLOBUS-44] Option {0} not supported
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