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 package brooklyn.policy.loadbalancing;
 import java.util.Map;
 import java.util.Set;
Captures the state of a balanceable cluster of containers and all their constituent items, including workrates, for consumption by a BalancingStrategy.
public interface BalanceablePoolModel<ContainerType, ItemType> {
    // Attributes of the pool.
    public String getName();
    public int getPoolSize();
    public Set<ContainerType> getPoolContents();
    public double getPoolLowThreshold();
    public double getPoolHighThreshold();
    public double getCurrentPoolWorkrate();
    public boolean isHot();
    public boolean isCold();
    // Attributes of containers and items.
    public String getName(ContainerType container);
    public Location getLocation(ContainerType container);
    public double getLowThreshold(ContainerType container); // -1 for not known / invalid
    public double getHighThreshold(ContainerType container); // -1 for not known / invalid
    public double getTotalWorkrate(ContainerType container); // -1 for not known / invalid
    public Map<ContainerType, DoublegetContainerWorkrates(); // contains -1 for items which are unknown
contains -1 instead of actual item workrate, for items which cannot be moved
    // @Nullable("null if the node is prevented from reporting and/or being adjusted, or has no data yet")
    public Map<ItemType, DoublegetItemWorkrates(ContainerType container);
    public boolean isItemMoveable(ItemType item);
    public boolean isItemAllowedIn(ItemType itemLocation location);
    // Mutators for keeping the model in-sync with the observed world
    public void onContainerAdded(ContainerType newContainerdouble lowThresholddouble highThreshold);
    public void onContainerRemoved(ContainerType oldContainer);
    public void onItemAdded(ItemType item, ContainerType parentContainer);
    public void onItemAdded(ItemType item, ContainerType parentContainerboolean immovable);
    public void onItemRemoved(ItemType item);
    public void onItemWorkrateUpdated(ItemType itemdouble newValue);
    public void onItemMoved(ItemType item, ContainerType targetContainer);
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