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 package io.dropwizard.jdbi.logging;
Logs SQL via Logback
public class LogbackLog extends FormattedLog {
    private final Logger log;
    private final Level level;
    private final String fqcn;

Logs to org.skife.jdbi.v2 logger at the debug level
    public LogbackLog() {
        this((Logger) LoggerFactory.getLogger(DBI.class.getPackage().getName()));

Use an arbitrary logger to log to at the debug level
    public LogbackLog(Logger log) {

Specify both the logger and the level to log at

log The logger to log to
level the priority to log at
    public LogbackLog(Logger logLevel level) {
        this. = log;
        this. = level;
        this. = LogbackLog.class.getName();
    protected final boolean isEnabled() {
        return .isEnabledFor();
    protected final void log(String msg) {
        .log(null, Level.toLocationAwareLoggerInteger(), msgnullnull);
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