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This command is typically used in combination with the fabric:profile-edit command to guarantee atomicity of profile modifications.

For example, consider the container, child1, which is currently assigned to version 1.0 and has the profile, sample, deployed inside it. If you need to make multiple changes to the sample profile, you can roll out these changes atomically, as follows:

1. Create a new version, 1.1, to hold the pending changes, as follows:

karaf@root> fabric:version-create
Created version: 1.1 as copy of: 1.0

2. Edit the new version of the sample profile, adding the camel-quartz feature to version 1.1 of the sample profile, as follows:

fabric:profile-edit --features camel-quartz sample 1.1

3. To roll out the changes, upgrade the child1 container to version 1.1, as follows:

fabric:container-upgrade 1.1 child1

4. If you want to reverse the changes, you can easily roll back to the old version of the sample profile, using the fabric:container-rollback command, as follows:

fabric:container-rollback 1.0 child1
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