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<div id="getting-support">
  <h2 class="page-header">Getting Support</h2>
    Having trouble getting Font Awesome up and running? Something not working the way you think it should? I hate that
    I don't have time to answer Font Awesome support emails anymore. So here are some things you might wanna do:
      Make sure you've read the latest version of how to <a href="{{ page.relative_path }}get-started/">get started</a>.
      It's been updated recently to make Font Awesome even easier to use.
      Check out the <a href="">existing questions tagged as
      Font Awesome</a> over on Stack Overflow. Other folks might have had the same question you've had.
      Can't find the answer to your question on Stack Overflow?
      <a href="">Ask a new question</a>, then
      <a href="mailto:{{ }}">send me an email</a> and I might be able to take a look.
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