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<section id="requesting-new-icons">
  <h2 class="page-header">Requesting New Icons</h2>
    New icons mostly start as requests by the
    <a href="{{ site.fontawesome.github.url }}/issues">Font Awesome community on GitHub</a>. Want to request a new
    icon? Here are some things to keep in mind:
    <li>Please be nice. Font Awesome is a happy place.</li>
    <li>Please <a href="{{ site.fontawesome.github.url }}/search?type=Issues">search</a> to see if your icon request already exists.</li>
      Please and thank you if you include the following:
          Title your <a href="{{ site.fontawesome.github.url }}/issues/new?title=Icon%20Request:%20icon-name">new issue</a>
          <code>Icon request: icon-name</code>.
        <li>Include a few use cases for your requested icon. How do you plan on using it?</li>
        <li>Attach a single color image or two that represent the idea you're going for.</li>
      Concrete objects make good icons, since abstract concepts are, well, abstract. It's harder to make an icon
      to represent happiness. It's easier to make a smiley face. <i class="icon-smile"></i>
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