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 package io.protostuff.runtime;
Represents a field of a message/pojo.
public abstract class Field<T>
    public final WireFormat.FieldType type;
    public final int number;
    public final String name;
    public final boolean repeated;
    public final int groupFilter;
    // public final Tag tag;
    public Field(WireFormat.FieldType typeint numberString nameboolean repeated,
            Tag tag)
        this. = type;
        this. = number;
        this. = name;
        this. = repeated;
        this. = tag == null ? 0 : tag.groupFilter();
        // this.tag = tag;
    public Field(WireFormat.FieldType typeint numberString nameTag tag)

Writes the value of a field to the output.
    protected abstract void writeTo(Output output, T message)
            throws IOException;

Reads the field value into the message.
    protected abstract void mergeFrom(Input input, T message)
            throws IOException;

Transfer the input field to the output field.
    protected abstract void transfer(Pipe pipeInput inputOutput output,
            boolean repeatedthrows IOException;
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