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 package me.prettyprint.hector.api.query;
The Query interface defines the common parts of all hector queries, such as me.prettyprint.cassandra.model.thrift.ThriftColumnQuery.

The common usage pattern is to create a query, set the required query attributes and invoke execute() such as in the following example:

ColumnQuery<String, String> q = createColumnQuery(keyspace, serializer, serializer);
Result<HColumn<String, String>> r = q.setKey(key).
HColumn<String, String> c = r.get();
return c.getValue();
Note that all query mutators, such as setName or setColumnFamily always return the Query object so it's easy to write strings such as q.setKey(x).setName(y).setColumnFamily(z).execute();

<T> Result type. For example Column or SuperColumn
Ran Tavory
public interface Query<T> {
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