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 package me.prettyprint.hector.api.query;
A query for the call get_slice.

Get a slice of super columns from a super column family.

<SN> type of the super column name
<N> type of the column name
<V> type of the column value
Ran Tavory
public interface SuperSliceQuery<K, SN, N, V> extends Query<SuperSlice<SN, N, V>> {
  SuperSliceQuery<K, SN, N, V> setKey(K key);
  SuperSliceQuery<K, SN, N, V> setColumnNames(SN... columnNames);
  SuperSliceQuery<K, SN, N, V> setRange(SN start, SN finishboolean reversedint count);
  SuperSliceQuery<K, SN, N, V> setColumnFamily(String cf);
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