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joo.classLoader.prepare("package net.jangaroo.ext",/* {
import joo.JooClassDeclaration;
import joo.getQualifiedObject;*/

 * Create a target object from the given config class and object.
 * This function is mainly used by code generated from EXML source files.
 * <p>First, an instance of the config class is created with the given config parameter.
 * Then, the target class, retrieved from the <code>ExtConfig</code> annotation in the
 * config class, is instantiated with the config class instance.
 * </p>
 * @param configClass the config class
 * @param config the untyped config object
 * @return the created target object
"public function create",0,function(){var $1=joo;return function create(configClass/*:Class*/,  config/*:Object*/)/*:Object*/ {
  var typedConfig/*:Object*/ = new configClass(config);
  var configClassDeclaration/*:JooClassDeclaration*/ = configClass['$class'];
  var extConfigAnnotation/*:Object*/ = configClassDeclaration.metadata.ExtConfig;
  if (!extConfigAnnotation || ! {
    throw new Error("Missing [ExtConfig(target='...')] annotation in config class "
            + configClassDeclaration.fullClassName);
  var targetClass/*:Class*/ = $1.getQualifiedObject(;
  return new targetClass(typedConfig);
;},[],[], "0.8.0", "2.0.0"

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